I wouldn't have guessed it, but Terry can really rock a pair of aviators. I hope everyone had as much fun as it looked like from the photos.

Dan, I hope you'll discuss this at length in the next Lovecast you put down. Considering your remarks about that Survivor challenge where people had to tear off chunks of pork together, I assume you were offstage barfing while the human cupcake business was going on...?
It was a lot of fun. The cupcake girls did not hold back. Also, surprise buttsex!
Lord, I hope that's chocolate frosting.
Did anyone manage to get a picture of the guy wearing the angel/Peter Pan/WTF costume? When I first saw him, I thought he was part of the show, and was hoping someone had managed to get a pic of his outfit. (I, sadly, didn't think to snap a shot of him)
Where's the video of the event?!
@4 I think Christopher tweeted a great pic of that guy. Most likely on the Flickr. Another attendee tweeted a pic of that guy on the bus. :)
Holy moly! Damn, what happened there! Why oh why did I have to be at work that night?!
The guy who let Mistress do the nipple play was outrageously hot.

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