Here's City Attorney Pete Holmes's public statement to Mayor Mike McGinn's public calls for a public truce. It is bristly:

The City Attorney’s Office is pleased that Mayor McGinn stated today that he wants to work with us on the process of police reform... We certainly hope that the Mayor’s statements on the radio today indicate that he is rethinking the letter and memorandum that he and Carl Marquardt, his legal counsel, sent to us yesterday—a letter that was filled with inaccurate and unwarranted accusations and assertions, and even called for litigation between the Mayor’s office and our office. Unfortunately, until the Mayor withdraws and disclaims yesterday’s letter and memorandum, we will be forced to continue preparing a response. In the meantime, regardless of what the Mayor does, we are working diligently to prepare for next week’s hearing before U.S. District James Robart and to address the issues presented by the monitoring plan.

I've got a call into Holmes's office to clarify what kind of "response" they're still preparing—some legal thing? A few dozen eggs for his car?— because I'm not a lawyer and I don't know what the hell that means.

Frankly though, it doesn't matter. What matters is that this statement continues a fight that should've never been made public. I can understand the defensiveness and anger that's stamped all over Holmes's statement—the mayor publicly calls you unethical and intimates that he's going to block you from doing your job, and then turns around and wants to hold hands when all you want to do is break into his house and shit a cursive "P" on his pillow.

But this has to stop, guys. Nobody cares who's right and who's wrong here. This fight is embarrassing, and that means a lot coming from a girl who eats off sidewalks. If both of you were doing your jobs right, the focus wouldn't be on either of you, it would be on reforming the Seattle Police Department.

You get paid the big bucks to swallow your resentments and jointly work for the good of the city, so for the love of God, NO MORE PUBLIC STATEMENTS. Just do whatever it takes—quietly, privately—to nut up and work together.