We've been getting outraged tips this week about an item in Magnolia-area public school Catharine Blaine K–8's school fundraiser auction this year. In among the "VIP Parking Spot" and "Kindergarten Movie Night" items, there's one that stands out:

We’re not in the 98199 anymore! Here's your chance to experience the "other side of the tracks" at Blaine’s First Annual White Trash Tea! Grab your trashiest girlfriends to sample the finest in Crock Pot cuisine, Twinkie trifle, a variety of fun cocktails and, of course, teas. Everything will be served on plates from Safeway's "Bonus with Purchase" collection, natch. The tea will be hosted at the not-so-trashy [name of place redacted], located on Capitol Hill.
Cost: $40 per person
Limitations: Up to 14 people

We e-mailed the PTA to ask if they were mocking the poor, as our tippers said, and they sent us a statement: "This event has, in fact, been pulled from the auction... There was never an intent to mock, as you say, any specific class of people, and as soon as there was concern from a parent, the event was pulled." They point out that it was never in any materials distributed to students, only parents, and that it was aimed only at adults. They also point out the truth: "Our PTA Board and Auction Coordinators are all parent volunteers who have worked tirelessly this year to raise the funds to gap the shortfall in both the money we receive from the district and the state."

So! There you have it. People have been asking, and we dutifully report. Y'all are adults, you shouldn't have made that joke, the outrage was predictable—and fair. Schools being broke is no excuse to be offensive; 11 percent of Blaine students are on free/reduced lunch, and those families are part of your school community. But really: LET'S ADEQUATELY FUND OUR MOTHERFUCKING PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, HUH?!? Yeah.