And nothing will change..oh they may get a token raise of $.25 an hour but that's it
Why was Portland not included?

I completely agree with the post and the Port of Seattle SHOULD be imposing higher standards (we pay enough for flying out of this airport as it is).
Don't worry, the Port Commissioner position was just raised from 6k a year to 42k.
How convenient that PDX isn't on that list.
Can we stop this silly "Because [noun]" meme? Particularly since, as usual, the Stranger is riding the tail end of this wave?
Nobody is forcing these people to work there...

If they wanted a better job, they could just go and get one...

OOps, that's right, the Grinning Golfer still hasn't created "fundamental change" in the unemployment line.

Let them eat cake. Four !!!
What tax dollars are at work here? The employees are contracted by the airlines, not the port authority.
@7 Yeah, 'cause it's so easy to get one of those $14/hour jobs. It's just like going to the store and getting a new toaster! You know why most voters think conservatives are out of touch and don't give a damn about anyone but themselves? Because of people like you. Thanks a lot. Let's see how many people remember how nice you are when it's your turn to be in the gutter. Moron.

I'd say "Strike!" but I know that's easier said than done. Is this something that can be turned into a ballot issue? Those port commissioners are elected. (I know it doesn't help when the Seattle Times, as usual, is smearing pro-union commissioners.) Goldy, bring this up again when election season comes around.

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