Twitter tipper @solitarymuser alerted me to the existence of this New York Times story about the very few conservative young people who are opposed to gay marriage:

They hear that their cause is lost, that demographics and the march of history have doomed their campaign to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. But the young conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage — unlike most of their generation — remain undaunted.

They identify themselves as part of the “pro-marriage movement” and see themselves at the beginning of a long political struggle, much like the battle over abortion. If they can begin shifting the terms of the debate away from gay rights and toward the meaning of marriage, they say, they have a chance to survive short-term defeats.

Nope! That's not going to happen. The only leverage the anti-gay bigots had was the idea that if gay marriage passed, a bad thing—an amorphous something terrible—would happen to us all. Now that states from coast to coast have approved gay marriage and nothing awful has happened, all their arguments are moot. Making the conversation more about "the meaning of marriage," which presumably means more bullshit Bible talk, isn't going to change that. People are seeing happy married gay couples, and now those who oppose gay marriage aren't just trying to stop something that has never happened before; they're trying to take something that is very real away from people. I'm happy to report that these conservative kids are in for long lifetimes of disappointment.