thought frizzelle edited it tho
The Stranger is edited by Christopher Frizzelle.
"A plugin is needed to display this content".

Yeah, not going to happen.
Not the David Carr I know.
On the same front page we see NOM's Brian Brown. Strange coincidence.
Attention, world: Will in Seattle @4 would like to make it known to all that he does not know how to install a plugin.
And we at the OC Weekly got called "a lively journal"!
@7 or does not want to install code he doesn't need that he didn't write.
Love it or hate it, you can't deny that the Stranger sets a gold standard for weekly papers in this country.

When I was younger I subscribed to the Village Voice from a long distance away just to get some regular alternative journalism. In this day and age, I can just pick up a far better and more entertaining paper at my local grocery, free of charge. Thanks Stranger. We really mean it.
@7 and it wouldn't play on his pretend Google Glasses either.

@9, Will, typing "where is facebook" into your browser search box is not "writing code".

And, you know, you executed a mile of code you didn't write when you posted that comment, or did anything else you've ever done.

And, you know, looking at stuff you didn't write is pretty much the whole point of the internet, or life for that matter.

You can pretend that Flash is some kind of nefarious plot to cram unwanted korperutt brainwash virus poison down your throat and destroy the universe if you want, but that would only add one more thing to the "stupidest shit ever" side of your ledger, and I think there's quite enough over there already for a thousand lifetimes. It's just a fuckin' video. You're not an Internet Hero. You're a shithead.
When I read last week that the Phoenix had gone under, I knew then that it was the complete end of 60s counterculture. I don't know if it's the plague that is hitting all newspapers just taking its toll on smaller ones first, or whether fewer and fewer people care about alternative journalism (which is possible - people are exhausted). I hate to see it die out. The Phoenix was a good paper when I lived in Boston. It was the alternative choice from the Globe which had its own renown but was pretty conservative and stodgy in comparison. You might even say it was my guiding light when it came to movies and theater. And I even remember being naive enough back then to be entertained by all those personal ads which were quite shocking once upon a time (RIP, LA Free Press).

You hear very often about newspapers going under or severely cutting back these days - the Times-Picayune is down to Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday! It shouldn't surprise me that some local alt papers would follow suit.

Vive le Stranger!
Ex-Seattleite, current Bostonian. The Phoenix has had nothing on The Stranger since I arrived here in 2009. I am sad that the Phoenix has closed its doors, but I can't say that I'm surprised. The only thing they had going for them was Lloyd Schwartz.

Can't wait to move back to the PNW.
Once something hits the New York Times, it's dead.
Yet every time I pick up a print version of The Stranger, I'm floored by the amount of advertising versus content. I do love me some online Stranger tho; every week.
Congrats Stranger and Mr Frizzelle.
I've been exceedingly disappointed every time I try to read a weekly rag in all the other major cities I've lived in for any length of time.

Thanks for setting the bar too high. Now bring back your two full pages of awesome comics in the back!
Yes! Be extra insufferable, you all earned it.
The Times sucks and has at least since they led the marching band into Iraq, and you ALL know this. Just because the dinosaurs want to suck up doesn't mean you should make nice.
Holy Shit!

Damn....and if Danny was literate just imagine how awesome the Stranger would be.


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