A woman and several of her friends attempted to detain someone allegedly in the middle of prowling her car on the Ave last Monday night, according to a Seattle police report.

Around 11 p.m., six officers arrived at the NE 43rd Street and University Way NE, looking for someone described as carrying a Taser. Police say that they found the suspect with, not a Taser, but carrying something that looked like brass knuckles. "When the item hit the ground a compartment opened and batteries fell out. After I was comfortable that the scene was pacified, I looked closer at the item and noted that the "knuckles" had two metal probes on it and it was labeled, 'Blast Knuckles 950,000 volt stun gun,'" Officer Joseph Bender reported.

The victim, who was borrowing her aunt's car, had parked it in front of the window of the restaurant where she was hanging out with her friends. When she saw someone rummaging around her glove compartment, she and her friends ran out of the restaurant and surrounded the car, where "the witnesses attempted to detain the suspect by holding the door(s) shut," according to the police report. The man got away but returned moments later allegedly, brandishing his charged Blast Knuckles, running at the victim and her friends.

"The group took refuge in the restaurant and locked the door," Officer Bender reported. "The suspect apparently pounded on the door but did not make entry." Bender's report says that the last one in the door just barely missed those 950,000 volts, but ultimately no one got shocked.

The witnesses also told the police that while all of this was going down, a group of men who claimed the suspect as their friend, showed up on the scene, saying, "He had been drinking and did not know what he was doing."

The suspect was arrested police are seeking charges for attempted theft and aggravated assault.