Just subscribed... for FREE! Thanks, Free Seattle Times!
Why are you cheer leading for the demise of the last locally-owned, daily newspaper in Seattle, Dominic? Seriously? You can't tell the difference between editorial positions and the value of having professional journalists cover local, state and regional issues? I get that you don't like Frank's editorial stands. But we already are losing quality journalism in this area, and Eli Sanders aside, you won't find much of it in the Stranger. Please grow up -- at least a little.
Don't forget the hit-piece of lies and innuendo they put out on Darcy Burner in the final days of her first (or second?) campaign.
The Free Seattle Times for free people!

Love it, but the link wouldn't work for me. I predict the Seattle Times legal department might have an issue with the name...but that will be fun also, no?
Seriously? Just because you sometimes disagree with their reporting and editorials, you want them to fail? You think Seattle would be better off with fewer news outlets? What kind of fair minded, open minded reporter would do that except out of vindictiveness?

Fuck you Holden, you're not a journalist, you're a fucking hack. Can't wait until someone throws your ass under the bus.
@3 What meaningful reporting have they done that didn't start with The Stranger poking into an issue?
Most internet browsers have a Private Browsing option.
I love the ST trolls. They actually believe that they are putting out a product worth paying for. Silly ST trolls.
link no workie
@3 You're also saying that if it's not print, it's not valid. The PI is STILL THERE, and KOMO's online reporting has been pretty great lately. And it's WORSE when it's not editorials, because their bias still shines through in their non-editorial pieces, only with less honesty. Good riddance, free Seattle Times.
This is fabulous! Add these to the list:
FWIW the Times paywall is leaky like the NY Times. Adblock Pro deals with it just fine.
Um, you have Tacoma News Tribune in there. They have a paywall. LOL
The Seattle Times, never heard of them.
@11 - The PI has morphed into a puddle of crap though.
I haven't bothered to visit in a while, but last time I did it was cat photos and celebrity gossip. I think the Seattle Times is still important to the community.
Oh, fantastic twitter list!! Thanks.
Can I get a Free Seattle Times t-shirt? Seriously, no way I'm paying $4/week for content. Maybe $1/week, but even then I'd likely work around it through other news sources.
I love this! With a list like this, watching twitter light up during breaking news will be amazing.

I like to follow a few individual reporters:
@ChrisGrygiel (Seattle news editor for the AP)
@Jim_Brunner (Seattle Times)
@ChrisDaniels5 (King5)
@joshtrujillo (PI)
Great list: I suggest adding @TheStandWA for WA State labor related news.
I get the Times delivered to my door everyday. And I'm glad I do. If the PI were still around, I'd get that too. Four bucks a week for the Times online seems completely reasonable.
Tim @21, All you rich, white newspaper publishers stick together.
@21, spoken like the only person in this thread who knows what it takes to get journalism actually paid for. Thank you. For everything.

A favorite post this month is at the Atlantic, "American News Consumers Have Gained the World but Lost Their Backyards":…
Dear Dominic: You are my favorite. Thank you for your voice and your impact on this city.
Of course, Holden has cocks stuck in his ears if he thinks anyone besides strippers, tattooists, and pot dealers would pay for Stranger content.
@21. Exactly. You want something (like schools, like social services, like adequate transit), you pay for it. The Seattle Times, is IMO (editorial gasbags notwithstanding) worth four lattes a month. Don't like it but you want it for free? Huh? I can't square the sense of entitlement with regards to the Seattle Times website with the otherwise laudable Stranger commitment to raising taxes for government services and infrastructure.

[ "Free Seattle Times?" Nice TWITTER LINK LIST. Please....]

The Stranger is "free" because of a it has a great business model. It is completely inundated with ads, online and in print. This is fantastic. Thank god its around. Still, this city has room for one publication like The Stranger. There is one in every cultural capital in the U.S. Not two.

If you are shit out of luck in this regard and are attempting to run a daily newspaper, then you do what you can, no?
I'm with Dominic and Goldy. I would LOVE to see hundreds of folks in Seattle lose their jobs. Union jobs at that! I get giddy just thinking about. And for Seattle to be the first big city without a daily paper? That would be so cool!
@23: how much did you pay to access that Atlantic article?
Dominic, you're still trotting out that last link? Even the timestamps you provided show you were in error. What a tool you are.
Dominic, you totally ripped this idea from my comments in the last story! I demand a percent of your free profits!
@28 - depends on how you define 'big city.' The New Orleans Times-Picayune ceased daily publication last year, making NOLA the largest city in America without a daily printed newspaper.
Not unique? Look at The Seattle Times' coverage of the drunk driver who hit the four pedestrians in Wedgewood, then look at everyone else's. They have tons more depth and information gleaned from time-consuming review of public records.

And this is routine. Ask the radio and TV reporters around town how they start their days and where they get most of their information, and they will tell you: the Times.
It's going to be a sad day when we have to rely on alt weeklies, TV stations and neighborhood blogs for our news.
@31) Drunk minds must think alike.
"The Seattle Times Paywall Is for Suckers"

Why include "Paywall" in the headline?
"The Stranger is "free" because of a it has a great business model."

Yes. No unions, cheap labor costs, zero pension.
Did these several weeks ago - using robots. Have been tweaking them ever since, but robots are squirrelly. It's a paper-y layout style that works on iPhone, iPad, etc....

Still some kinks, but EZ on the eyes. Automatically updated twice a day.
It's high time The Stranger put up a paywall and an expensive one as well. Only then will we think twice before wasting precious time writing comments that people love to disagree with.
The new pay wall @ $4/wk is unfortunate, and frankly too much. I do enjoy the local reporting - especially from talented reporters like Lynda Mapes - and the arts reporting - Paul de Barros' writing on the local music scene, esp. jazz, is a treasure. For $2/wk, i'd consider subscribing, but $200/yr is too much.
Too bad it's on Twitter...I am not a twitterer
blackhook, that's exactly how I feel. I want to support a local daily paper in spite of the right-wing editorial crap. But not at $4/week, which works out to 96 cents MORE per month than digital access to the NYT (which I can't help feeling deserves my money more).

As a former employee, I'm guessing one reason they made it the same price as Sunday + digital is to up Sunday distribution and print subscription numbers, hoping people would just go ahead and get Sunday since it doesn't cost any extra. Irritating, and I'm really reluctant to pay that much for digital access.
The perils of getting your news from twitter. Or better, the perils of "journalists" reporting based on their twitter feed:…
@37, the unionized workforce in America is now at just slightly more than 11%, and very few workplaces provide pensions. Your criticism of The Stranger, a small business if there ever was one, for those lacks is silly.
Great! You should add the Maple Leaf blog: @MapleLeafLife (
@44 "Your criticism of The Stranger, a small business if there ever was one, for those lacks is silly."

Ahhhh, so it's ok for small businesses to treat employees like shit and not offer union scale wages, work rules and benefits, and to then try to financially undermine those in the same business that do offer union scale wages, good work conditions and benefits. Got it.

But what would The Stranger say?
You didn't pay for the Times online before, and you're not going to now. Why should the Times care about you at all? You're irrelevant.
lol... paywall? What paywall? Just delete the "content_meter" cookie from :D

And to pile on... they mostly do good journalism over there, which I would be willing to support. But I'm not willing to support the constant cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face editorializing they do. If they ever realize it's their out-of-touch editorial board costing them subscriptions, maybe some day they will change. (Not holding my breath).
I can't stand Twitter. I'll stick with the PI for now. Thanks anyway.
If the Stranger's readers don't sign up for the Seattle Times's paywall, who loses? No one. They weren't buying the paper anyway. To the extent they were reading it, they were freeloading. So nothing's lost.
Ehh, I mean, technically, Dominic *is* a hack. He is a purported journalist who (self-admittedly) didn't even attain a high school diploma.

It's beyond him to value multiple sources, or bureaus that can afford in-depth reporting -- be it undercover, across/outside our county and state, etc. No, what matters to him is seeing a perceived enemy suffer.

A little telling that Mr. Keck commented here....
@44 you're comment is ridiculous. the newspaper guild would be more than happy to welcome the stranger staff. it includes much smaller newspapers than the times. there is no reason small shops cannot be organized. protections and bargaining rights are important no matter where you are employed.
@3: "You can't tell the difference between editorial positions and the value of having professional journalists cover local, state and regional issues?"

I don't know, can they tell the difference?
The New York Times is $15/ month (online). The Seattle Times is at least $16/ month. Do you really think the Seattle Times has better coverage than the NY Times? The NY Times is totally worth it. Great, in depth reporting of various issues and an editorial board that doesn't totally suck. The Seartle Times, to me, might be worth a couple of bucks a month.
Dom's both a good reporter and a good writer. His schooling or lack thereof doesn't matter.

@52, I have no idea how much The Stranger pays; probably very little. My point was that pensions are very rare now, as are union jobs, and neither should be considered criteria as to whether a company is a good employer or not in 2013.
whatever; you fuckfaces endorsed the iraq war. and your probably verifiably dumber overall.
@56: Ah yes, the efficient "your dumb". Cuts deep to the bone!
I use Firefox, and just exclude the Seattle Times from using cookies.
Firefox users just need to block the Seattle Times from putting a cookie on the computer.
If you are using chrome and want a quick work around I wrote a quick extension that will allow you to view the Seattle Times uninterrupted without using private browsing or having to delete cookies.…
If you are using chrome and want a quick work around I wrote a quick extension that will allow you to view the Seattle Times uninterrupted without using private browsing or having to delete cookies.…

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