I will not watch that and contribute to the number of views of it on youtube.
WTF is going on? First the GOP is identified by the color RED, next one of it's outspoken proponents is using a roaring BEAR... Has the GOP gone crypto-Communist or something? Wasn't Reagan going to bomb the Reds... now his people are voting for them.

History is baffling in its twists and turns. That, and memories are apparently quite short.
"Ratings have been disabled for this video". I think we know why that is.

This has nothing to do with furthering her imaginary political career and everything to do with getting people to write her checks. Those people think she's going to run (for what?) but that's not what her PAC is for. I hope she goes down for this someday.
@1: Oh come on, it's a fun view.

And it accentuates her finer points.
The more powerful she is among Republicans, esp. in picking candidates, the better it is for Democrats.
If you need to produce an ad to convince people that you're relevant...

The beautiful thing about Citizens United is that there's virtually no way to bring these assholes down for robbing the scared and stupid. You've mentioned that you watch Colbert, surely you've followed the machinations of his SuperPAC.

But Palin and her ilk just may be stupid enough to violate what few rules are left. So maybe there's still hope.
I liked Jon Stewart's observation the other day that Sarah Palin is the result of someone casting a spell on a YouTube comment and bringing it to life. It's the most apt description of her yet.
I watched 45 seconds and threw up in my mouth. Just sayin'
didnt she like quit the only responsible job she ever had?
Your headline is erroneous - for "Sarah Palin's SuperPAC Ad," substitute "Anything Sarah Palin Does." FIFY
The bottom line, she has clout!

Chris Williams MSNBC
I love Tina Fey. She really does a good Sarah Palin in this video. And that ending with that Russian Bear roaring at Alaska from Russia was so good!

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