You answered Confused but Hopeful's question about his fantasies regarding a woman with a penis. At the end, you introduced the term "gynandromorphophilia" to describe his particular kink.

I'm a gay man in my mid-forties. Though I've had sex with a woman in the past (which certainly had its pleasures), I don't identify as bi at all. I'm attracted to men of many shapes and sizes, spanning from bear to twink. However, about almost a year ago, I encountered a video posted online by a gay transman—a particular category I admit I had never ever even contemplated before—to whom I realized I was quite attracted. Since then, I've searched online to find out more about FTM transmen, and have discovered that I fantasize about being with attractive guys who have gone on T and had top, but not bottom, surgery. I've also realized that though I've not been consciously aware of this as a fantasy for years, back when I was younger and just coming out, I had encountered a drawing by gay porn artist Etienne. In it he had a naked guy who presented as male in shape and form in every way except that he had a vagina. I remember finding this drawing to be incredibly hot and having it spark a number of fantasy sessions back then.

I realize that having sex with a guy with a pussy is essentially just a fantasy, and that even if I were to meet a gay transguy with whom I shared a mutual attraction and was compatible, sex through the front hole might not be "on the table," given his body issues. My question, though, seeing you were able to produce a term for Confused But Hopeful to Google to find out more is: is there an actual term for what I'm experiencing?

Puzzled North Boy

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And you shouldn't assume that transmen have body issue that prevent them enjoying all of their holes—front, back, and face. You should check out the work of porn start Buck Angel. And then you should check out Buck's dating website for "transmen and the people who love them."

There are gay men out there who aren't into anal, as I'm sure you're aware, so it stands to reason that there are transmen out there who aren't into vaginal. It could be a "body issue," PNB, or could simply be a preference. Best to assume preference unless the transman you're interested in tells you otherwise.