Even though two UW fraternities apparently don't get along, they do have to share an alleyway in the University District. According to a police report, brothers from one of these frats claim brothers from the other frat were throwing rocks at their cars parked in the alleyway last Thursday night.

The situation reportedly grew volatile when members of the frat on 17th Avenue Northeast began yelling at a brother from the frat on 16th Avenue Northeast while he was having a smoke on his back porch, according to a police report (the report doesn't name either fraternity). Officer Swenson reported that a 16th Ave brother, identified as the victim, "backed into the alcove leading to his back door, and, when the subjects kept coming at him, he started swinging the beer bottle he was holding at them. He thought he hit at least one of them as he was retreating into his house." The 16th Ave brother barely shut the back door when a 17th Ave brother allegedly broke the glass window in the door. The window-breaking suspect was reported by a 16th Ave witness as wearing a purple UW sweatshirt.

But the frat brothers on 17th told a different story to police. The 17th Ave brother who got hit in the face, identified as the suspect, said it wasn't a beer bottle that hit him, but actually an expandable metal baton. Officers at the scene did not find a baton.

An hour and a half later, a 17th Aver called 911 again to say the baton had been found, the police report explains. The 16th Ave brothers admitted that they keep an expandable baton in their living room, but deny that they deployed it, saying they didn't have time to go get it while being attacked. No one was arrested, but the suspect ended up needing treatment for a broken nose. As for the source of the argument, Officer Swenson reported, "I did not observe any vehicles apparently damaged by any thrown rocks, nor could any of the people on scene point out any damaged vehicles."