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Would the upward force make it difficult to hold? And would it sound like a leaf blower?
What is this "rain" of which they speak?
Look out ladies in skirts, street harrassers just got the best tool ever.

"Sorry ma'am, I just got this thing and am still learning how to use it..."
There are umbrellas available that are sturdy and won't flip backwards like that in windy situations.

The problem is people wasting their money on those cheap, folding, piece-of-shit things.
I spent some extra coin on a well-made version with the Gustbuster feature. Seattle's marine winds added to the canyon effect of downtown towers have destroyed many conventional umbrellas for me, but this thing sails through without a problem. Amazing I waited so long to try one.
Will need batteries or need charging and the rain can come in from the side if the wind is blowing that hard. An umbrella can be held close so that wind-blown rain does not blow directly at your head.

Umbrellas can bump into each other when walking, it happens sometimes but is not a big deal as depicted in the video. The air umbrella creates a selfish situation, if I am dry who cares about the person next to me having rain blown at them.
It seems like another device that makes individuals ignore others around them because it serves the need of the user at the expense of others, just like cell phones ringing and people blabbing away on phones on busses while everyone has to hear them or someone texting while walking along the street not watching where they are going.
It is self serving at the expense of others. Blown rain will end up blown at someone.
Just use an umbrella.
Nice idea, but the practical situations which allow for misuse and abuse are too numerous to go into any depth over, although it should have one possible outcome:

Tired ladies at end of day can use it as a relaxation helper, if pointed at a specific area (hope I'm not too subtle for the usual crowd who are unable to locate their own vaginas????).
Yep #5, I got 2 Gustbusters for Christmas (also looks to read Crustbuster which is applicable as I work in Belltown).
Great umbrella.
Solution: buy a real umbrella and don't carry a little girl's umbrella that you obviously picked out of that special wheeled cart Walgreens rolls out by their front door when it rains.
Why the hell did this win an award? Because people think it's cool? I had this pencil sharpener that was lauded and awarded for it's awesome design. It was see through and top loading, so you push the pencil straight down to sharpen. Of course in reality the design ends up having you exert more force to push the pencil down than the motor can handle. Meaning the design it won awards for is the very thing that cripples it.

An umbrella that needs power and is crazy expensive ruins the appeal of an umbrella.
If this thing actually had enough force to keep you as dry as a regular dome-shaped umbrella, no way in hell should it be OK to operate on the sidewalk. Toupes are gonna get blasted off, children are gonna get Mary Poppins'ed, and glasses are going to shoot into traffic.

My work gave a one of those windproof numbers years ago, and it's still going strong. People always stop me as ask where I got it... why aren't these more common?

@10 - Only Steed and Fred Astaire—well, most cool old dudes in suits—can get away with one of those. The rest of us have to ride trains and go to restaurants and bars where carrying around a wet cane is only barely less annoying than having your $500 umbrella stolen from the bin.

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