Why did you make the lens flare look like little hearts?
@1, to show he is an Instagrampa.
Good Morning Charles,
I don't disagree per se. However, I believe in the beginning there was only one race, the human race. I'm not sure Columbia City and their architects are creating a "brand new race". On the other hand, perhaps that couple featured in the advert will create another human baby and member of this human race. S'all good.
CC is a patch work of different colors and cultures... go one block and you can find Irish living next to Vietnamese. A different race? I hope so!
A new that pays too much for little value.
@5: Says the man who lives in that exurban shithole called Kent.
While it's true that Columbia City is a mixed-race neighborhood, and it's even true that the future of the world and the Seattle area is mixed-race (not just multiple races residing near each other but increasingly and gorgeously in the same bodies), but it is absolutely not true that Columbia City is part of the future. Seattle is part of the past. "12 modern homes"? The world is adding that many houses every minute, in places you've never heard of. The future belongs to the developing world.
Looks like new fodder for
Those homes couldn't be more vanilla. They are mass
produced and uninspired. They are homogany -- not diversity.
We bought our 1906 CCity farmhouse 20 years ago. Almost none of our friends would come visit because of the media hype about violent crime in South Seattle. Now there are so many white folks on Rainier Avenue on the weekends that we forget where we are. I'm all for increasing density and all these folks have to live somewhere. Welcome progressives, gay parents and blended families! They like the new places and we like the old. Everybody wins.
CC is in the future, Fnarf. See it? It just happened. A second ago. And again, and again. It won't stop. Why?
Oh boy, starting from the mid-$300s too, so both man and woman are forced to work (probably in the suburbs or Bellevue) to support the mortgage!
@7 "increasingly and gorgeously in the same bodies"? Jesus Christ.
Actually, the amount of diversity among Africans is greater than among all the other races, so it's all pretty much meaningless adaptations to local environmental conditions from isolated subgroups.

@12 my family, growing up, lived in houses from the size of old converted mill houses (with an acre for the brick patio) to places the size of a typical American garden shed. Why do you have to live in a giant place? It gets kind of drafty, even with fireplaces the size of a VW bus, in my personal experience.
By the time we're all one race, it will probably be possible to choose what you look like from a genetic catalog. Fashion and body look will be one in the same...well, at least for those who can afford $350k and up homes in Columbia City.
@13, mixed-race people are gorgeous. You got a problem with that?
Am I the only one that things all the new stuff in columbia city looks like Issaquah? If I wanted to live in a shitty suburb, I'd just go live in a shitty suburb.
A quick look at the previous two phases shows these units (the listings I could find) selling for >$300 sq.ft., 40% under Seattle's average, and for new construction. Seems exactly what the area could use.

Not really the point of Charles's post, but what's there to add about pretty people in advertising?
@16 Yeah, as a mixed race person I have a problem with you eroticizing my racial identity.
and the race to what...
The builder needs to keep a cleaner site. Sloppy sites are a sign of sloppy workmanship.
@19 Oh, boo fucking hoo.
@22 Come at me, dog

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