This sounds like it must be true. My evangelical "in-laws" were given the task of writing the obituary for my partner of over 21 years. They couldn't even post their last names nor the first names of the niece and nephews that their brother loved. I may never forgive them for dishonoring his memory and the years we spent as dutiful "sons" and "brothers" to that so-called Christian family.
Keepin' it KKKlassy, KKKatholic Chuch.
@Ken Mehlman - Nope! I went to Watterson and we had teachers that were not Catholic. The administration at the school probably knew she was a lesbian for many years but the Diocese caved to ONE parent complaining. The part that really confounds me is that Columbus (where the school is located) has a non-discrimination law protecting sexuality and Ohio has non-discrimination policies that cover state workers. Given that Catholic schools take public funds I don't think they should be able to violate these laws.
I can tell you it is true. I taught in a Catholic school in Pittsburgh for two year. All teachers, Catholic or not, had to sign a clause in our contract called the "Cardinal Clause." This clause said basically the same thing the Ohio one said, but it explicitly called out homosexuality and unmarried cohabitation between opposite sex heterosexuals, and in fact, we were supposed to report any fellow teachers we knew to be engaging in "immoral behavior."

One of my friends who was a part-time music teacher accidentally came out to me (I caught him in a lie and very gently asked him about it), and he was terrified that I would turn him in because he needed the extra cash that job represented. Of course I didn't, because I think it is an immoral, shitty clause, and my conscience wouldn't let me do it, even if I were so inclined.

@3: Generally not, however non-Catholic teachers are required to live their lives according to Catholic moral teaching.
Catholic schools may play by their own rules as far as federal law is concerned, but they're more beholden to donors than they are doctrine. They'll only get away with this if it reflects the attitudes of parents and wealthy Alumni.

Of course, I'm saying this as someone with friends that teach Catholic schools here in backwards San Francisco, where Catholic's probably make up a minority of their faculty. The Catholic school I attended for a few years in beautiful Bothell, Washington, had a totally less... errr... flexible vibe.
From an alum: "To show a little faith in my alma mater and the people charged with continuing the great tradition, I hesitate to automatically condemn the principle and administration for the alleged dismissal of an educator. Keep in mind that the administration has known and worked with this educator for a very long time with no such previous actions. They were aware of her living situation and or orientation and had accepted her as a peer and a person, we saw no evidence to the contrary. My understanding is a parent was uncomfortable with her orientation and made a complaint to the diocese, who in turn made the decision to request a resignation from the individual. This shows an obvious disconnect from what we learned in school, to love, accept and respect others, to learn from and appreciate their differences and to do our best to act as Christ did and to love one another. If we abide by the assumption that the diocese, and not the school or school administration, made this judgement then we know who to appeal to: the schools superintendent and the Bishop. Believe it or not, these individuals will not see your tweets or mine, nor this post. However, they have email addresses and phone numbers. Ms. Lucia McQuaide, the superintendent, can be reached tomorrow at 614-221-5829. I intend to call to inquire about the situation, and I encourage others concerned with the situation to call and ask why the the golden rule has been violated and what Ms. McQuaide's office is doing to correct it."
I worked for a diocese in Ohio for 5 years. I'm Gay and not a Catholic. Lots of Gays and non-Catholics work in various positions within any given diocese. Don't ask, don't tell.

As long as the Priests are never confronted with it, its all good. The second someone says "ya know Father* employee X is Gay"... employee X is fired. The Nuns were cool with it though.

*I'm talking about the institutional Priests here. I know some parish Priests who are totally cool with it.

Alas I also saw some institutional Priests from the same diocese trolling for rentboys. Today I imagine the Bishop who reached down and fired the teacher trolls for his rentboys online.

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