Piggy in her American Apparel hoodie
  • Piggy the Dog
  • Piggy in her American Apparel hoodie

Since 2011 when Piggy the French bulldog joined Facebook, she has gotten 32,041 likes (32,042 after I saw the little pudge-ball). She has friends in Mexico, Italy, France, Norway, all over the world, really.

Jessica, her owner, says that Piggy is starting to have quite a following and is frequently recognized in public. A few weeks ago, while strolling in Capitol Hill, a woman stopped her, screeching, "Oh my God, is that Piggy?"

But now Piggy has a celebrity bulldog rival: Sir Charles Barkley. He has 10,948 followers on Instagram, but only 1,338 on Facebook. Both dogs have been receiving a lot of buzz on sites like Mashable and Buzzfeed, driving up the competition.

French Bulldogs are Seattle's fifth favorite dog (down from 3rd favorite in 2011). And they seem to be everywhere, from the sides of Metro buses to ice cream shops. So who is Seattle's favorite celebrity French bulldog?