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Sorry, I had to.
Between Murray's futile 9th order attempt and his failed effort to win a straw poll on his home turf, he had a very, very bad day yesterday.

But there really is noone in the state who should be more ashamed than Bruce Harrell right now. Only one vote out of hundreds?! My goodness.
Everyone wants to say that McGinn is weak, but he's still the frontrunner. He had a clear lead in the SurveyUSA poll and keeps winning these informal unscientific polls too. He's among the top fundraisers, has a low burn rate, and has been increasing his take each month. And last night showed he's got a good campaign with a lot of grassroots supporters. The insider class has wanted to talk down his chances for a while now, but the facts on the ground show a different story.
Perhaps this is an indication that the folks who know Murray the best also know he would not be a good mayor. How did his leadership skills pan out as Senate majority leader?

He's great for cheerleading for a cause, but management skills? I don't think so.
@2, yup.

@3, that's a pitch-perfect assessment and how I see things as well.

@4, I think you're on to something.

But I do think it should be said that many other candidates DID try. Peter, Tim, Kate, and Charlie were all in the room last night with the Mayor, making the rounds and earnestly speaking with anyone interested. They may not have had grassroots muscle, but they showed up and they represented themselves.

Ed Murray was absent (in Olympia, understandably) but had a good showing in the room (outmatched only by the McGinn camp). Bruce Harrell didn't even bother to show...
Let's hope this is similar to the Iowa straw poll's absolute success in choosing the eventual president.
Despite his problems this session, Ed Murray has few peers in the Legislature. We need to keep him working for us in Olympia.

No matter how fond of him we are, we must not elect him mayor.
Yea, and who won the last two GOP presidential Iowa straw polls?
@3 is correct.

The insiders, most of whom can't even vote in Seattle, are the ones who don't like our Mayor.
@9 Plenty of voters in the 43rd who don't like him either. The people in your little club don't represent anything more than the people who have the free time to get together and take straw polls.
I hate McGinn and think he's a weak mayor. But given his competition..he's the strongest of the bunch.

And that says a whole lot about Seattle
McGinn is definitely the best of the bunch. Murray's campaign hasn't really gotten it in gear yet, though...
I ran in to the mayor the other night, like literally ran into him. That chubby bitch thinks he owns the sidewalk. My only regret is I should have told him to go back to Long Island. Seattle does not need any more influence from the Least Coast.
Mulhair and Potter must have bought a lot of micro-votes
I'll say this about McGinn, at the very least, he fights for and gives a damn about expanding public transportation for this city so much more than any of the other wanna be mayors.
Where is the contempt for the 43rd District Democrats for sponsoring this kind of shittiness? Buying votes? Why not just sponsor a fucking poll tax. I cannot understand why Democrats, let alone, the 43rd District Democrats, would think this is even marginally acceptable. Next year, Exxon ought to come in and buy the whole damned thing just to point out the obvious.
@15: Greg Nickels basically single-handedly saved Sound Transit's ass. McSchwinn has a two-mile toy in South Lake Union. Not really much of a comparison there.
The defensiveness of McGinn supporters here is also telling - unless Murray somehow had the superhero ability to turn Rodney Tom into a decent human being, there wasn't much Murray could do about the Senate this year.

I'm a liberal Democrat who lives in the 43rd, and I can say that a) I had better things to do with my time & money than waste either on that silliness, and b) I'm one voter who will not vote for McGinn. I'm not an insider; just someone who knows what a shitty mayor he's been.

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