Nate Bell, you're an idiot.
Funny, I was wondering how many Boston gun nuts were cowering in their homes behind their comfort weapons. There, there, the real militia has it under control. Don't worry your pretty little heads about it.
Yeah, the reason incidents like this don't happen in Arkansas is because the terrorists are afraid of all those stockpiled guns, and not because nobody, not even homicidal maniacs, wants to be in Arkansas. Keep telling yourself that, Nate Bell.
huh, I could just as easily take care of an intruder with a .45 6-shooter. I only need 1 maybe 2 shots at most. Ar-15 is just for spray-n-pray folks that don't know how to air a friggin gun.
how to aim.....
We need less violence, not more Nate. I pity your poor little monkey brain.
Such a silly little man. I was actually thinking about this earlier, because if something similar were to happen in Seattle, I would still be required to come to work (The power company doesn't stop for crazy Russians)

I would feel a lot more comfortable getting to work without a bunch of gun toting ain't-afraid-of-no-terrorists types roving the street, and there's no way you'd catch me with any sort of firearm. As I have said before, I'm much too spazzy to be trusted with a gun. That, and I have absolutely no interest in them. They are about as exciting to me as cookie jars shaped like geese.
The answer is zero. All the Bostonian who long for that gun already have it, and I didn't hear about any of them capturing anyone who needed capturing.
I wonder how many Bostonians actually wished that, as opposed to wishing that the fugitive DIDN'T have guns.
But, but if the cookie jars have cookies in them that must surely make them interesting! C'mon! Cookies!
I seem to recall a lot of people helping the injured after the bombs exploded at the marathon, despite many of them being injured themselves, and despite not knowing if another bomb was about to go off.

They don't strike me as people who "cower" in their homes.
@7 - Now don't go turning this into a goose-jar control thread.
I LOVE IT when the idiots out themselves......

Thank you Mr Bell!! dipshit
I actually thought the same thing when I saw the reports of those two idiots soing around neighborhoods, shooting carjacking and throwing bombs at police.

Yes, I would want a MAC-10 to defend myself as no one else seems to be capable of doing so,
@2 FTW
Boston is probably glad there's not a bunch of gun nuts out there shooting at every 19 year old with a white ball cap on they see
I was thinking that Chechian/American Muslim angsty youths use bombs to kill (maybe a gun or two on the run, they are in America, after all - when in Rome and all that jazz). American angsty youths use guns. So far the Aurora Theatre shooter still has them beat in casualties. Go America! Go Guns! Team USA!!!

This guy realizes that the bombers shot up a policeman, right?
@14 You'd be as dead as your brain. Current reports are that after they murdered they one guy who was definitely armed--the MIT cop who was sitting in his car--they hijacked another vehicle and simply kicked the driver out instead of killing him.
I live in Boston now. The craziness has been pretty far away from my home, but from here I'm certainly wishing there were fewer guns in the equation, not more. I'm proud of our police so far, and I'm happy to leave the police work to them.
Shoot everyone with a backpack, you're statistically bound to get him eventually.
Most liberals aren't paranoid nutjobs, but nice try.
@17 they went to American high school in Cambridge. They ARE American angsty youths.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers were with the people of Boston overnight and will continue as they recover from this tragedy.
I will neither know nor believe any such thing unless you call a press conference on the busiest street corner in Little Rock and get down on your knees in the gutter and thusly pray.

Sanctimonious twats who publicly claim they have been praying for the good of any subset of mankind need to provide proof, or STFU. I'd bet 95% of the people who curry favor in this manner do no more than mumble along with the congregation in church, on Christmas and Easter and maybe Mother's Day.

Unbeliever that I am, I still like Matthew 6.
I was glad to have my AR-15 last night, and my coworkers were glad to have theirs. Those who were unarmed have been asking about procuring a firearm.

There is a huge difference between marksmanship and gun fighting, I shoot sub MOA from my AR on the range but want as many shots as possible if, god forbid, I ever needed to use it in defense against an armed attacker. Also a long arm always beats a handgun.
Another Boston-area slogger, here. There's a great thread on with the best twitter responses to this idiot.…

It sounds to me like he's a little resentful of living in a flyover state that's not important enough to receive any terror threats. Here's how it works: we pay taxes to train kick-ass cops who a TRAINED to keep us safe. They ask for our cooperation - to stay inside not only to stay safe, but so that there are no innocent people on the street or trying to travel, thus making the suspects easier to find and spot - and we comply. It's not rocket science.
@ 25, you live in the Pacific NW, unless your handle is deliberately misleading. So, why were you so scared last night?

Yea these guys are totally there to keep everyone safe, I can tell because they are all dressed up in their ninja turtle gear flagging each other and the public with the muzzles of loaded weapons.…

This is what a police state looks like.
Because coordinated attacks in multiple locations across a nation has been a standard practice of terrorist. SFO was shutdown last night and a power substation has it's perimeter fence breached and transformers destroyed in San Jose, on top of the fertilizer plant explosion which is now being investigated as a crime scene.

For the same reason gun-nuts in ID or MT rush to stock up on ammo whenever there's a shooting in VA or CT; it's a Pavlovian response that they simply can't help.

And seriously, every home-defense expert worthy of the title will tell you an AR is absolutely the WORST weapon for that purpose: the rapid firing-rate combined with high-velocity bullets pretty much guarantees that whatever goes into the perp - assuming your aim is that good - is going to go out and through them, and definitely through any intervening structures such as walls, floor & ceiling, thereby putting other occupants, and even your neighbors at-risk for collateral damage.

Way better to stick with a good, old-fashioned shotgun: the scatter-spread doesn't require accurate aiming, and the lower-velocity shot is going to stay in whatever room you fire it in.
Cascadian dear, calm yourself. There was a problem earlier this week, but no power outages because of it, although PG&E did ask customers down by San Jose to try to conserve.

There were no major outages in San Francisco last night, or really at all this week. Someone hit a pole and took out 3500 or so, but that happens literally all the time.

PG&E has been the subject of sabotage on many occasions, particularly in the bay area. It is not a very popular utility.

As for the fertilizer plant, they are now looking at criminal negligence. But I can tell you that stuff sometimes blows up - we had two grain elevators blow up in Council Bluffs when I was a kid. One in Sixth grade, and one in high school. Fortunately, they were no where near homes and schools. Iowa is funny that way.......
nothin like a big ol violent attack to get the right wingers of any culture frothing
@29 - Lock your doors, board up your windows, and cut all communications with the outside world. Stay in your basement and we'll send someone to get you when it's safe to resurface.

Maybe in 1985 your advice was seen as correct but these days that is absofuckinglutely wrong. With a proper loading (even 55 grn NATO is decent for HD) .223/5.56 will fragment upon entry into the body dumping its energy into the target and reducing penetration of objects beyond the target. In fact .223/5.56 is less likely to over penetrate than typical handgun round or a Shotgun using Slugs or buckshot. However all rounds will commonly penetrate most standard construction.…

Also saying that you don't need to aim a shotgun is asinine, Shot spread from a 18inch cylinder bore barrel will be measured under 4inches at standard home defense ranges. You still need to be able to place your shots in center mass to be effective. Also the controls of a pump shotgun are harder to manipulate under stress than those of a semi-automatic carbine. People under stress tend to short-stroke shotguns causing jams and rendering the weapon inoperable, a gun that wont fire is merely a club. Also the rifle holds more rounds than the shotgun and rounds are what win gunfights.

You also mention using what I assume to be birdshot because it wont penetrate walls, birdshot is not effective beyond the range of a few feet, remember that if it will not penetrate a wall it will not penetrate the attacker and will not stop the threat.

There is a reason that virtually every SWAT team in the country has upgraded from pistol caliber sub guns and 12 gauge shotguns to the AR15 platform. The AR is easier to use, more effective, and safer for bystanders.

Not last night but recently…

I can definitely understand why someone would hate PG7E but our local power workers are wonderful.
Well, the ones in Seattle, Tacoma and Snohomish county at least. PSE's electricity can kill you! ;-)
Cascadian Bacon forgot to take his seroquel.

But it looks like you didn't forget to take your daily stupid pills.
@ 29 (if you're still reading this), ANY fire that results in the loss of human life is investigated as a crime scene. Any car collision that results in the loss of human life is, too. Don't get the vapors over that fact.
Carrying a gun is being prepared if needed. Majority of people spend just as much time and money being prepared for other activities in life. If you wish not to deal with guns, don't ask for some one with gun to help you if one is ever needed. Armed officers are called hourly to protect the same people that are wanting to restrict how they provide that protection. Be prepared how you choose. ....just be content with your decision.
HAh HAH HAH@ Cascadian Bacon!
Dude, you can take off your disguise now- you are clearly a parody of what someone thinks all liberals believe gun owners to be.

Seriously, you were cowering in the dark, here, thousands of miles from Boston, stroking your peni- oops, "A-K", because you got spooked at some news stories about boogiemen?

Seriously? ?

Cascadian, you make fun of the more sane and coherently sensible folks here, such as the Cthulhu person, who has been the most calm, reasonable, and well-spoken with regards to firearm violence.

Then you go off squealing like a frightened little girl, clutching your precious gat, because some scary news story from across the country SCARED YOU?!

Jesus, man, you have to be a head case, or else a performance-art parody of the screwed-up paranoid gun fetishist.

Rant and rave all you want now, Bacon. Ain't nobody gonna take ANYTHING you post seriosly any more. You pathetic, frightened goober.
You dont need to demonize Nate Bell. I'd
rather hang out with him than some thug,
rapist,terrorist, murderer or anyone else
who dares to assault me or my loved ones.

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