Jealous of a self made man?
@1 - His father is a swimming coach. Guess where he learned to swim. Guess how much he paid for those lessons.

Now, everyone else: guess what @1 thinks "self made" means.
I wonder if the anchors understood the full meaning of "water sports"?
Why do we even interview famous people? They have nothing to say.
All those others swimmers are takers, MacCrocodile. Admit it.

They obviously did. As soon as she said it, you could tell that something changed there in the studio.

But what, does this station have no sponsors? Why didn't they go to commericial sooner?
That being said, this was awesome.
I don't have strong feelings about Lochte either way, but the hosts were just being assholes. Not seeing anything to laugh along with here.
@2, how I love you.

David, this IS the perfect diversion today. As I bet are your memories of Prince at the Showbox last night. The world is still a wonderful place.
They were laughing about the watersports double entendre. Believe me Sheinelle knows what water sports means. They were only secondarily laughing at Lotche.
I hope they don't get fired. "Water sports" jokes are hard to resist and recover from when drowning in it.....
I saw this earlier and wasn't totally clear whether the part after the interview was aired. Was it just them having fun during the commercial?
Olympiad =/= Olympian. Sorry for being such a pissy priss.
I dunno.. The way I read it was they were ready to pre-judge him as something of a Paris Hilton-like talentless bimbo (mimbo?) and then he basically confirmed their suspicions in offering up nothing by way of compelling material in their interview. Then the "watersports" comment sent her over the edge.

Yeah, this definitely constitutes some arrogance and even self-congratulatory pompousness on their part, but I'm actually somewhat OK with that. If he wants to be taken seriously as a media personality or whatever, he should probably have something interesting to offer by way of material. And this was probably the most entertaining segment to run on that fox affiliate in years.
@11 They won't get fired - this is what they do, they are famous for it. You should see the one where he imitates the Armenian Semen Depository known as Kim Kardashian and her sister - not the one that looks like Chewbacca, the other one.
Here's a longer version that includes the actual interview in full. Lochte sure is stupid.…
@15: Lel'ed at "Armenian Semen Depository".
He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but these anchors are mean-spirited assholes.

I'd rather be a dim bulb than a mean-spirited asshole.
That rocked.

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