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If Mayor Bloomberg bans nitrites, Weiner won't be allowed to be mayor of NYC.
He can run for whatever he wants. But he's got a screw loose if you ask me.
Are you sure this isn't for his new Pocket Rocket website?
I'm foggy on the sex scandal. Didn't he spray his cum on a bunch of doorknobs?
Even if you get passed the obvious lie about someone hacking his twitter account, even if you can get passed he was sexting with other women (as you know, sexting leads to actual sex), he was doing it while his wife was 7 months pregnant!

Oh well, lets make it all about bike lanes!
@5 - Really? You were hoping Dan Savage, of all people, would harp on a petty sex scandal? I want you to look around the room for dimensional rifts. You might not be from this world.
Love the double standard for the GOP and Demos. Vitter - he of the diapers and prostitutes - is still in office. Even "accidentally" did a nasty tweet last year to someone other than his wife, but he's still in office and no one calls him on anything. Yet Weiner - who stupidly tweeted his wiener - gets nailed.
Yup- it's all about bike lanes, coming from Dan- a non-driver. I'm with Terry on Dan's obsession with bike lanes. But then Terry comes from E WA, where not owning a car means you're trapped in your house.
As for Weiner's weiner- he never should have resigned, but the hypocrites (rethugs) hold the Dems to a higher (double) standard.
You naren't me to tell ya, but MacCrodile is this here's Slog County Sherriff. Sure you may see him havin there donut and laughin with the good ole boys, butcha better careful, he's locked and loaded.
If he just grew a mustache and changed his name to Tony Strong, he could win any office.
Janette Sadik-Khan for Mayor!
I can support Weiner. We need a mayor with balls. At least in his case, there's photographic proof.
I figure he is running with the expectation that he will lose, but knowing that with a few campaigns his opponents won't be able to bring up old shit that was previously discussed. Eventually, he will be able to leverage this so that it isn't discussed anymore. I think Newt Gingrich is playing the same game.

Holy shit, that's right. Weiner is taking a page right out of President Gingrich's winning playbook.
Wiener only has to look to our 42nd president to realize you can have a political future after engaging in disgusting sexual depravity.
It's hilarious that you think the next mayor of NYC is going to be anyone but Ray Kelly.
So you can't support him for mayor, huh? And just exactly how long is it that you've lived in NYC?
@5 Past.

And yes, we're past it.
It was between him and his wife. Unless Weiner's sex life is somehow in direct conflict with his policy-making, I don't give a shit. Seriously.
@18 - thank you.
Keep in mind, he was sending graphic pics to women who didn't want them -- sexual harassment is always wrong.

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