Every time Mars Hill "Church"'s "Pastor" Mark Driscoll opens his mouth, a metric shit-ton of stupid falls out. Here's the latest bale of bullshit, via Addicting Info, about the problem with wives:

They’re quarrelsome. They’re a nag. And some women — you’re a nag. You’re disrespectful. You’re quarrelsome. Being married to you is like a life sentence, and the guy’s just scratching on his wall every day. Proverbs talks about certain women—they’re like a dripping faucet. You ever tried to sleep with a dripping faucet? Plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk. It’s what we use to torture people who are prisoners of war. A wife is like that.

If Mark Driscoll thinks that being married to a woman is torture, he should know that, as a Washington State resident, he has plenty of other options. May I humbly suggest that Driscoll look into marrying a man? He might find that to be a much more amenable relationship, since he hates women so fucking much. Anyway, find video of the "pastor's" little rant over at Crooks and Liars.

(Many thanks to Slog tipper mr herriman.)