Wait a minute... I thought we were meeting at the Rendezvous?
@1 - The meeting at the Rendezvous has been changed to a get-together at the Assembly, which doesn't exist, as far as I know.
Now I'm confuseled.
@2 You're thinking of the gathering at the Conclave. There's also supposed to be some sort of tryst at the Assignation, but we heard it got canceled.
Hey, does anyone have Risk Legacy? We have yet to even SEE that, regrettably.
@5 - My roommate has a copy. We finished the fifteenth game last night. It was glorious.
@5 - You needed to be at Raygun on Wednesdays. We've been there most weeks since Christmas.

But if your question was leading to the followup "Is Risk Legacy cool?" the answer is "Shitballs, yes. It was AWESOME."
Would love to see that if you're coming. Or is that too many spoilers? 15 games seemed restrictive at first, but maybe that's not such a bad value. Like how many other board games have you played 15 whole times in the last couple years? We're getting close on Legendary. Definitely 7 Wonders. Surely we've added 15 games of Ra to our lifetime tally in the last souple years. Risk Legacy seems like it might be worth it.
I wouldn't want to show off a finished board, no. Better to go in knowing nothing, IMNSHO. And I've bought a ton of board games that didn't get 15 games. Or 5. Or, in a couple cases, 2.

Of course, it's easier for me not to show it to you when I've got a friend's birthday party on Friday night and won't be there anyway...

Oh, and you can absolutely continue to play after 15 games. It's just that a lot of things get locked in stone after that point.
@7 Maybe Friday is a bad night? Or we need to start early and go short? Any other opinions on day o' the week or location or anything? We could always mix it up rather than it being regular recurring, if that's not working. (Sadly, Wednesdays are our longstanding D&D night, nigh on 15 years now—but that's good to know you guys are there whenever a Wednesday falls through.)
Well, raining on your parade appears to be my job today--now that Risk is wrapping up, we're turning Wednesday into our D&D night. Wednesdays have been an increasingly-busy night at Raygun since they run Magic tourneys that night, so we'll be playing at my apartment.
@11 Curses!
Yeah, you absolutely do NOT want to view a Legacy game with packs opened, the mystery is a big part of the appeal. Well worth getting an irregular game though - it took my group a year but we did it!
@13 - And we opened all of the packets. All. Of. Them.
Oh snap, I STILL have yet to come to one of these in spite of everything. I will see if we can't make it out tomorrow.
You need to make it, @balderdash!

And @MacCrocodile, that's not possible. Unless you mean... the unthinkable. (With any luck that last packet contains a formal apology for Monopoly.)
@16 - evilvolus, the others, and I all agreed to open the final packet before the final game. Our collective curiosity was too much to bear.

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