Among the delights in this week's Loose Lips:

• Performed last weekend at On the Boards, KT Niehoff's Collision Theory was touchy-feely dance/theater that insisted on extended audience interaction and built to an explicitly conveyed moral about the value of communicating our stories. Which makes it all the stranger that, during Friday's post-play discussion with KUOW's Marcie Sillman, Niehoff visibly bristled at benign question after benign question, a number of which she refused to answer. Cheers for Sillman's professionalism, jeers for hippie-dippy dance theater with a sour core.

• Sunday's meeting to determine the future of the Zine Archive and Publishing Project went well, if a little slowly. The group of 50 or so concerned citizens broke out into three discussion groups based on ZAPP's current responsibilities: archiving, community outreach, and event programming. Nothing concrete was determined, but people took on tasks. The next meeting will be in May; keep an eye on The Stranger's readings calendar for details.

• In the textile manufacturing plant that's now the artists live-work space the Bemis Building, there are 30 gorgeous, light-filled live-work lofts, and they have an open house twice a year. The event this past weekend featured resident and visiting artists. The standout has to be Vic DeLeon's taxidermy-and-other-preserved-living-things museum. Contact the Bemis and feast your eyes on a freeze-dried human heart and a taxidermied rat posed like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.

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