Has even a single person gone to jail from the group that went around smashing storefront windows in downtown?
I think they arrested one person for vandalism the day of the protest.
One person went to jail for smashing a window. At his sentencing, I believe he got time served.

At least four people (who are not suspected of smashing anything, since they were out of town at the time) have been sent to prison—not jail—in order to coerce testimony that might have something to do with a window.
Yea this looks like simple activist intimidation, the feds have been doing this shit for years.
@1 not really. Witch hunts don't work when you catch the people casting spells, only those who think the witch hunters are insane busybodies.
Hey, at least it's not voluntary martial law time.
I'm glad they are keeping an eye on these assholes who have already shown themselves to have little respect for others or their property.

It might not be Boston, but it is politically motivated violence, which is terrorism, and those that engage in it should be punished. Severely.

@7 Yes, yes, traffic cones, broken windows. My the horror. Need to have the overwhelming power of the state brought down on these third-rate vandals--I mean supervillain anarcho terrorists [insert more bad words here]!

If there's a rigid orthodoxy, we can count on you to defend it.
When was the last time the FBI randomly stopped bankers and asked them about LIBOR?
nothing like a good firing squad to really show Am pride
Thanks for continuing to report on this stuff, Brendan!
12 slay me.
The Law Enforcement Industrial Complex is out of control in this country. These badged bozos are just the latest example.

Fortunately we are also approaching the day when tens of thousands of similar Bogus Barney Fifes - who make their livings busting small-time pot smokers & growers - are going to be rightly out of a job. As for these alphabet-spook jerks, we need to stand up to their heavy-handed, counter-productive police-state tactics.
dubs @ #9, you nailed it!!!

These over-zealous FBI goons wouldn't know a Wall Street criminal if he brought down the world economy ...again!
In my world the SPD would beat to death the anarchists on tv and the goody people of seattle would cheer.
Fuck you Stranger! By endorsing Obama you fucking endorsed this shit too!

And to all you Obama supporters, too lazy to make the effort to mobilize behind a candidate who is NOT a corporate puppet (unlike Obama/GaryJohnson/RonPaul/Romney), YOU FUCKED US!!!!

Now we have to spend even more energy fighting off Obama's expansion of the 1%'s ugliest policies. And don't act surprised. You knew exactly who Obama was!!! Indefinite detention, drones, secret kill list... Obama's content of character is, and always has been, PURE SHIT!

Thanks to all you Obama supporters who conveniently forgot that MLK Jr's dream was about judging by content-of-character instead of the superficial appearance of having "our nation's first black president," the 1% is thriving and doing very well! FUCK YOU!!
May 1
They are doing this in Portland too.

Which is where the anarchist thugs came from, actually, not Seattle.
What the Hell is May Day?
Guess the "don't talk to the FBI" public service program has not done it's job here. Well, just in case: DON'T TALK TO THE FBI! ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU! Get a lawyer's contact card and refer them there.
The FBI ? ? ?

Help me out here, please? Are those the very same stooges who just effed up royally in not following up on a classic terrorist profile case, the Boston Marathon Bombers? (The profile that the feebs of the FBI established themselves?)

Are those the very same clowns who ran COINTEL for over 30 years, and are probably still running it but under a different name today?

Are those the very same clowns who are clueless with regard to the murder of that US Attorney in Seattle some years back, yet miraculously solve the Kennedy assassination, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., assassination and 9/11 in record time?

But a straightforward murder of a federal prosecutor, and the FBI still can't find their vaginas?

To #17:
Um...?????....First off, there is nothing worse than the 1%, can we agree on that? And a vote for a corporate puppet is always a vote for it's puppeteer -the 1%, right? So, judging by the way Obama has expanded ALL the ugliest policies of the 1% during his first term, a vote for Obama is clearly a vote for the 1%... How is it possible to spell it out any further?

(Nevermind. You just keep repeating that "Republicans are worse" mantra to yourself if it makes you feel better...)

Anyway, the real reason I'm back is to recommend this unbelievably interesting article (which totally relates to the article above) and is what we should expect to see more of in Seattle:…

I know the Stranger has a hard time with this, but science is not a conspiracy theory. So, when architects and engineers from all over the world are saying the 3 buildings that fell on 9/11/2001 were controlled demolition, then that's what they were whether we like it or not.
@25: That link is broken. It looks like part of "Why Such Secrecy About Private Military Contractor's Men Working the Event?"
@25 As much as it's appealing to think that science is impervious to flaws, it can in fact be polluted by human frailty. Just because a group of scientists come to a consensus about a hypothesis, it doesn't make it true. There's overwhelming historical precedent for that on the side of both heterodoxy and mainstream.
Our govt is smart and working very hard for the money we pay. Is it time for us to raise their pay for their hard and smart work?
Off your meds again, huh?!?
Hello, Seattle.

May Day, I believe, is supposed to be about celebrating freedom from tyranny and oppression. Well, even in a wonderfully liberal city such as this, tyranny and oppression still abound.

I'm not talking about a pair of feds out for a stroll to make sure no one's planting IEDs. The activities they're aiming to prevent are tragedies, and I think, less helping the surviving victims of these crimes heal, we've given that shit enough of our time. I'm talking more about stuff that makes it funner to have IUDs.

I love you all, and hope you all have a great May Day. If you could spare a few minutes from all your party preparations, though, please read what I wrote at:




Oh, and guys? If you like my writing, and it wouldn't be too much of an imposition, let's maybe partner up sometime. :)

The least they could've done is driven up in a Prius.
I thought this was an opinion editorial?? You're a journalist?? You're worst then FOX news. This isn't journalism, where are your facts? Where are you fair and unbiased journalistic ethic to not get personal in a topic? You've been sucked in to the news as entertainment business Brendan. Do some reading on what a true journalist is. Someone who seeks out the facts and doesn't just parrot out what every idiot who comes up to you says. Get some life experience and then start writing.

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