The problem is the kickbacks to the Board and Superintendent.

Oh. Wait.

I'm not supposed to talk about that.
Yes, a comprehensive portfolio-like assessment would be vastly more useful and fair than the ridiculous MAP test, but it will never be adopted for 2 reasons. (1) It takes way too much time to administer and evaluate, which would cost the district way more money. (2) If it isn't a graduation requirement or mandatory, then the students will blow it off even more than they do with the current MAP test, making it even less valid.
There are legitimate concerns about our assessment regimen so the Superintendent forms an advisory committee. It looks like he's taking real action and engaging stakeholders but...

He makes decisions before appointing the advisory committee
He makes decisions before the advisory committee has had a chance to do their work
The advisory committee's report will come too late to impact decisions for this year
The superintendent stacked the committee with people who support the status quo

This isn't authentic action at all, is it? It isn't real engagement either.
The simple truth is that parents must be the driving force for change in public education. It is ONLY when parents get riled up that anything ever happens. Teachers have been blue-in-the-face complaining about ed. reform from the beginning. Nobody ever gives a shit. But when parents complain, things happen. Look at the 'reevaluation' of that Center School guy's curriculum about race and privilege; some parents got pissed, forced change. The same thing will happen with over-testing if parents rally and make the district know that they don't want it.

Except for that whole kickback thing...

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