It's the Canadarm! (Seriously. This is what they call it:
Pretty design aside, our new, weird-feeling plastic bills tend to stick together, which is obviously a problem.
500 Euro note FTW....
@2 - I propose printing your money on sheets of metal. Razor-sharp, rigid sheets of metal. They'll last longer, and, best of all, they'll get really hot if you leave them sitting in the car.
I don't really have time to wait in line at the ATM for cash these days. Not that I could tell you what is printed on my credit card. Got my name on it and it pays for things. I pay the bill every month. Enough said.

Fucking money fetish. I don't stare at bottle caps either.
Great design, and I love plastic money, but they put a Norway Maple on instead of a Canadian Maple. Oops. they can deny it all day long, but that's a Norway Maple leaf.…
If you lean to the 1%, bills might be your choice of conversation. For a minion like myself, it's been nice to watch over the past couple years as Canada rolls out beautiful colored coins.…
Space? Screw that. I liked the pond hockey tableau.
@7, sadly, is correct. Fracking Albertan PM! What a maroon!

Other than that, though, I like the design which has a mountie with silver tape over her mouth that says "PRIVACY, EH?"

Or a five dollar coin.
The money this expat uses in MΓ©xico is beautiful art as well. I do love the redesign of the USA passport. What's wrong with a little color, art, and enhanced counterfeit measures. Oh, Canada! Awesome.
@9 has the right of it. Hockey money will always be the true Canadian $5 in my heart.
I have to put in a word for Australian currency. Bright colors, different sizes, plastic, partly transparent, women who aren't the Queen, Native people, Artists.
Fucking funny money. Ours is just fine, thanks.

Besides, it's not like Canada has much of a space program. Or anything else, for that matter. Unless you count ex-pat US stoners.
@14 more than the US, actually. Kind of sad, eh?
Canada built an arm? Seriously, this is their greatest space achievement? How embarrassing. Maybe if their per capita space budget was more than 1/3rd of the of the US, they'd have a real achievement to put on their money, like space probes, landers, or things that actually explore.

That reminds me, when are we going to get our Moon dollar coin back? That has to be the most kickass side to a coin ever made. Put anybody on the front, just make sure the Apollo 11 logo is on the back.
@15: What are you talking about? Are you joking or just being stupid?
@17, it's Will in Seattle, which do you think?

I also like Mexican and Australian money. Euros are creepy, with those fake not-really buildings on them.
If it actually said "specimen" across it, it would be the best money ever.
The attractiveness of specific U.S. bills can only be assessed via intra-national comparison; compared internationally, they all look like shit.
Canada is such a wonderful country in so many respects. I've long admired our northern neighbors.
@21 - Seattle is your northern neighbor. You let us worry about Canada.
You should probably ask this again when 100 USD is approximately equal to 5 CND.
@ 21 I`m with you. I`d move to Canada tomorrow if I could afford it. Plus they wouldn`t think I was some kind of parasite in need of extermination. I`m looking at you, Republicans. @22 I like your take on stuff. What are you doing hangin` out in a place like this? wink,wink
@17 aww, I'm sorry, you mean you don't use Chinese rockets?

My bad. So, how's that shuttle working for you?

What, you don't have any?
I'm all for spacetronauts on my money, but I find this design INCREDIBLY unbelievably ugly. Something to do with the gradients and the colors of blue and the weird jagged blue/white... leaf explosion ribbon? with the dude's face on it.

Way worse than the new US $100 (which I don't have feelings about either way).
#19 -- it doesn't have to say "specimen"! Anyone can-a see that there's a space-a-man right on it!

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