Good clean fun.


Would you be happy if they had a Penis Mutilation edition out of fairness?

Woman Kills Her Husband and Rips His Penis Off with Iron Bar

In a fit of rage that leaves everybody puzzled, a woman attacked her husband, beat him to death and ripped his penis off with an iron bar. After her arrest, police interrogated the woman to learn about the motive of her action but there didn’t appear to be one. So far it all looks like the woman suffered from mental illness and in her latest fit, killed and mutilated her husband without understanding the implications of her actions.…
Dammit, Cienna, Jesus wrote these inalienable rights into the God-blessed Constitution, so shut your mouth. If our forefathers didn't want us to crash through the woods in an ATV and blast away at our ex-girlfriends, why didn't they say so? It only stands to reason.
I'm befuddled more than outraged.
For the last 5-10 years, zombie paper targets and "zombie killer" bullets have been flying off the shelves at ranges around the US. Not really justifying the whole "kill a realdoll" treatment they're serving up here, of course.
@5 I'm befuddled and outraged.

The kind of person who would buy this product is the kind of person I never, ever want to know.
@3 Jesus Fucking Christ. The trolls write shit like that just to get a rise out of folks, but you actually see some kind of equivalence there, don't you?

You are a seriously damaged human being.
How am I supposed to climax during my target practice if all I have to shoot at are abstract bullseyes or outlines? My simple mind can't process the abstract. I need a concrete representation of my fears to lash out against. I need effigies of minorities and women (with real bleeding action)!
I'm confused. The company sells 15 male dummies and 1 female dummy. What's the complaint exactly? Is it that it does not track the actual ratio of gun deaths? Because that would be 6 to 1, men to women. Seems like you ought to be mad that the company is understating the share of gun victims that are women.

But instead the complaint seems to be that they make a female dummy at all. Women are special flowers who need to be shielded from all danger, even pretend, make-believe violence. While violence against men doesn't matter even if it is 15 times greater than violence against women. Because feminism!
To play devil's advocate: Technically, this is a (unusually realistic) fantasy outlet for anger. It creeps me out, but so do horror movies/horror video is this worse than a horror movie/video game?
@ 11, you're confused because you're you. It must be terrible.
Can I just be outraged that this is a thing? A dummy that you shoot that bleeds is just Ugh worthy... Just WHY do we need this again? Vomit.
She's now called the Alexa instead, but the text description is clearly still all about how she cheated & thus deserved to be turned into a zombie and shot at. Even the terrorist & the Nazi just happen to have become zombies, but she was changed into one by her ex and his aunt.

Because cheating on a man is the worst thing anyone can ever do. Deserving of multiple deaths.
@ 12, it would be better to compare this to specific video games and horror movies, given that the degree that any of them feature (let alone promote) violence against women varies from product to product.

Yes, that's why they named it the ex-girlfriend, because it's just good, clean fun.
I came to say what @12 said.

Better for psychos to shoot a dummy instead of a real person, yes?

It's like a pedophile who only jerks off to photoshopped or fake child pron. Still a sick person, but at least a "gold star" sick person.
@ 19, on what do you (or @ 12) base the assumption that someone getting this is someone who would kill their ex normally, but this will somehow satiate them instead?

The thing that makes this offensive is that it contributes to the mindset that women are just evil bitches looking to break your heart and your balls, and that you gotta get 'em back. I don't know whether the guys who get this would ever actually be violent to a woman - it seems that some probably wouldn't. But it's safe to say that they'll show it off to their buddies, let them try it out, and reinforce the attitudes that do cause violence against women.
@20 Because of various studies (that I'm far too lazy to cite) that show that increased video game playing is correlated with lower violent crime, and increased prawn usage (sorry office wordfilter) is correlated with lower ______ assault.

In other words, "love dolls" are already a thing, a thing I find extremely creepy, "hate dolls" just don't seem too different to me.
I hate the world.
I don't base my assumption on anything. I'm just throwing it out there.

It's possible that shooting dolls would make one more likely to shoot a real person.
It's also possible that shooting dolls would make one less likely to shoot a real person.
@21, this isn't a video game. This is real guns shooting real bullets.
I agree this is similar to claiming video games have positive correlation to violence and porn to rape while not a shred of evidence exists in that direction. Yes, it's creepy but the domestic violence angle is pretty flimsy and it sounds like emotionally charged revulsion than carefully connected dots.
If they were really serious they're dispatch the zombie doll with two badass swords.
at least they are not at high risk of reproducing
Go NRA! Way to build that broad base of support. See what hundreds of millions of dollars in PR talent buys you?

Imagine how many more people PETA could piss off if they had that kind of scratch to play with. Amateurs.
Looks less fun that shooting beer bottles and less skill building that shooting steel silhouettes. Personally I am really sick of the whole zombie craze in the firearms industry, but to each their own.


I don't recall it being the NRA that is making these targets but rather a separate private industry. The NRA does make targets for competition but those are the traditional round variety.

Looks like you are full of shit and pretend knowledge of the firearms industry...again.

Actually I know that the NRA told the silencer vendors to not show up at their 2000 convention, because back in these days, they didn't want to look too crazy. The NRA told the silencer industry, “we don’t want the news media focusing on your table and putting guns in a bad light."

A decade later, the strategy changed. Basically, they're going full-on crazy. With the Sarah Palins, your Glenn Becks, your silencers galore. And of course your ex-gf blood-spurting targets.

So what do I know about the gun industry? I know the NRA doesn't let shit happen at their convention without their say so. Nobody walks in that door that the NRA hasn't vetted and decided they're on the bus and on message.

You're the one who does not know shit about the firearms industry, Five Large. Guess that's why you merely make thousands off gun violence and they make billions. But keep trying. Maybe more bloody girlfriend tableaux is what you need to get in on the big time.
So, when are they coming out with the Newtown zombie pack? You know, packs of little 6-yr-old sized zombie targets that bleed?

Would that have helped poor Adam Lanza, d'you think, if he could have just popped off a few dozen kid zombie targets? There he was, a right proper American exercising his right to amass an arsenal... and if he could ONLY have had access to some kid-sized targets, why, there's no WAY he would have shot up ACTUAL kids....

@31, 32: for real. Sheesh, this thread has been the unveiling of the truly undateable on Slog,

Oh look more made up movie terms you can use to show off your impressive knowledge of firearms.

Despite your shrilling the NRA does not have control over every aspect of the firearms industry. Also Zombie Targets, is not the NRA. You guys really need to decide if you think the NRA controls the industry or the industry controls the NRA.

Yes you are absolutely right, after over 20 years involved in shooting sports and an NRA member for around a decade I must not know shit about the industry. I will never compare to you with your buzzwords and media hype.

Oh child targets, like the ones that Dear Leader's Department of Homeland Security train with.

He we go again.

Cock wagging over who said "clip" vs "magazine". "Silencer" or "suppressor". You seriously buy whatever bullshit you read posted by anonymous assholes on the internet just because they said "suppressor"? At least shibboleth is actually useful as a shibboleth. Your litmus test is a joke.

Do you not get that everybody outside your gun geek forums thinks you're an absolute assclown for this kind of semantic pedantry?

It is a verifiable fact that the NRA blocked the silencer (or "suppressor" in Insecure Gun Twat) vendors from their convention, back in the same period then they supported universal background checks. Later they allowed them, after the radical change in PR strategy.

Ergo, the NRA exercises its power to decided who and what gets a table at their convention. The NRA decided bloody ex-GF dolls were on-message. Bloody ex-GF dolls are part of the NRA's deliberately chosen image for 2013. They want the public to see bloody ex-GF dolls and think of guns and the NRA. Gross.

Almost as gross as Ted Cruz. *ba-dum-dum* Thanks, I'll be here all weekend. Tip your server, folks.

Nobody can verify that you have 20 years of gun experience. Or one year of experience, 20 times, due to blockheaded inability to learn. Or zero years of experience. Who cares?

Everything I have said is easily fact checked. Your claims are hot air, unverifiable and meaningless as support for your outlandish claims.………

Yea dude I guess using the proper descriptions of the items involved somehow makes my words invalid.

I do remember voting for the NRA to support suppressors, gotta love democracy. But really I care as much about someones gun doll as I do about your sex doll. I Might find it strange but I am not gonna vote against it.

If your argument amounts to "Some rednecks mag dumping on a doll in the woods while causing harm to no-one makes guns evil."

Well then you don't really have a valid argument, aside from the fact that you want to control the actions of others because it "huwts yer widdle fweelings."

BTW when when arguing against an inanimate object it helps to know FACTS about its function and description.
@36 I wouldn't mind hillbillies mag dumping in the woods if they would just clean up the carpet of food garbage, natty ice, spent shells, and bullet riddled washing-machines they invariably leave behind. What the fuck happened to leave no trace? They don't allow 'mos in the Boy Scouts, so what's the excuse?
@20: To be fair, the kind of guy who would buy one of these for a larf (or, more disturbingly, NOT for a laugh) is probably not TOO high up the evolutionary ladder when it comes to thinking about women as equal beings to begin with. And any woman who's been in a relationship with him who has half an ounce of self respect probably HAS broken his heart and balls.

Just sayin'...
@33: Isn't that every thread on the Slog? :p

Who is "Dear Leader"? President Obama was elected again. Sucks for you but he'll be the President for the next 4 years. And then you have to deal wtih Hilary.

These zombie ex girlfriends are just as bad as the Trayvon Martin targets that came out last year. These people are sick.

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