Unfortunate name. Great cause. Donation made.
Sorry, all I can think of is this
@1: Great cause in principle, but watch out, it's founded by the No.2 of the Raelian Cult:…
I'm having trouble finding more information.
@3 - I never even heard of her or it. Glad I hadn't clicked submit yet (had to double-check my checking account).

I'll find a more reputable organization.
Side note: Why is it that all design even tangentially associated "lady-parts" use that same stupid florid script typeface?
@6 It's overcompensation designed people who secretly are afraid that lady parts might be ugly and so need to constantly be doused in flowers and chocolate and froofyness. Contrast that with man parts, where ugliness or beautyness isn't even a thing. Eventually, we'll get there with lady parts too. (Full disclosure, I think L.P.'s are wonderfully awesome and super attractive in all their detail and variety).
@3 So that explains the complete mismatch between the style of their site and their cause.

Here is the org I give to re: this topic
Her fake cloning company was called Clonaid? I'm out. It's a good cause, but this can't possibly be a legit group.
An article critical of this organization is online at…

Its a good cause, but there are likely organizations better able to help.
Ah yes, the Raelians. They try to champion causes that are tangentially related to their lunatic cult.

Which is really sad, because they also seem to have some heartfelt and rational interest in these causes. The crazy they bring just serves to delegitimize said causes. It's as if you went to a presentation on universal health care, only to find that at the end of the speech, the speaker then tried to promote the Hare Krishnas.
I for one consider every week clitoris awareness week.
Every time I have sex is clitoris awareness day. I do my part to spread awareness for the cause.
I'm happy to lend a couple of fingers or tongue to this great cause.
Mmm..the OTHER crazy UFO cult. Of course, the Church of the Subgenius is the TRUE crazy UFO cult.

These guys are just French imitators.
When it comes to the clitoris nothing can beat the "Mulva" Seinfeld episode.
Everything I'll ever need to know about this subject I learned from Shirley Valentine.
@4, It's hidden.
How their whole website looks creeps me out..

And calling a FGM-restoration hospital in Africa "Pleasure Hospital" does not seem to be the best way to go forward. The backlash of that name could mean that traditional parents who think that FGM is maybe not good, get scared witless that their little girl will be a slut in pursuit of pleasure if not genitally mutilated.
Great, but what happens when an "awareness week" comes to an end? After 7 days, people just go back to ignoring it again?

Reminds me of that year in the 1990's (1998 I think?) that was proclaimed "The Year of the Woman." That's sweet that they get a whole year. Then, at December 31st at midnight, it's "stop yer bitchin', we gave you a whole year."

And, I'm hopping mad that no one told me about "National Masturbation Month." I've never been much of a joiner, but I could get behind that....

Like, what week of the year haven't I thought deeply about the clitoris?
I'm pretty sure that I marked Clitoris week on my calendar. It seems like that week disappeared from my calendar after that though. At least I never could find it again.

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