That is a pretty impressive turn about. I commend them for finding their way to 2013...

Sure, they could go farther, and this doesn't repair the hateful damage they have already caused, but it is nonetheless, impressive.
You know, I kinda wish that couple in the ad had a couple of shotguns.
Too good to be true. There's no decree from Salt Lake City on this, as the headline would lead one to believe.
You have to grant the Mormons one thing: they are adaptable.

It's almost as though on some level they actually understand that they're just making this shit up as they go.
I personally called several of the Los Angeles LDS members who donated to Prop Hate, or rather, left messages for them at their work, if that's the contact I could find.

I don't imagine they liked me impinging on their private lives, as I didn't care for them interfering in the private lives of gays and lesbians.

Perhaps they informed their church, they'd rather not be strong-armed into donations the next time, if so perhaps I did some good..


Don't they know you can't fire or cut one of the friends of the homo?

It just isn't allowed.......

you are so special
I think that when the Supreme Court rules on the Prop 8 case, this type of momentum may be cited as a reason for not making a broad ruling and leaving things to the legislative process at the state level. I anticipate the Court will point out the progress made in the short time since oral argument (e.g., Rhode Island, Minnesota).
It's like they know they've lost the fight.
I think this is great news. I was worried that they were just laying low during the election so that they didn't disturb Mitt Romney's chances of election. If it instead signals a change in what the church is going to focus on in the future then it is much better.

If I were Mormon I would fight every day for acceptance from my church. However, not being Mormon I'm content to settle for tolerance. Acceptance I believe will come in time.
@5: Kind of surprised not to see that on Slog, since it was about a week ago. I know Slog is not big on sports, but still...

As a person who knows how things like this usually go in the NFL, it is very odd how he was released, although the team did basically the same thing to their kicker right after they drafted Blair Walsh. The rookie they drafted is not as good as Kluwe, not that Kluwe was that great, but they did not even have them compete for the job, and keeping Kluwe around before the season started to have them compete would have costed the team basically nothing. Kluwe is not an old guy either. He may end up on the Raiders, a fate worse than death.

But, Kluwe's contract carried no dead money if he was released when he was, so one could say it was just business. If you ask me though, they wanted him out because of his vocal nature on contentious issues.

Oh, and what is up with the new(ish) "iron rob" profile picture? Unless that "fe" was always there and I simply never noticed it...
The Mormons and the Catholics and the Batshits are free to impose their own religious beliefs on their own members.

Dan has often made statements directly contradicting this, not just in defense of gay teens facing bigotry in their own homes and churches, but in defense of an adult man who was "bullied" into suicide.


Danny said even if they never act on their beliefs people can't believe in their hearts that homosexual behavior is immoral.

Danny wants to get into the furthest crevices of your brain.

and Danny said He Will NEVER Stop until people quit hating the gays.

because homosexuals have an inalienable right to be liked by EVERYONE.
@12, I was surprised not to see it too. Though I'm a rather stereotypical sports-ignoring fag, Mr. Kluwe deserves credit and thanks for being fearless in a non-gridiron way.

Re: Fe, somebody a while back took me a bit more seriously than I intended, so it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer asterisk: "Caution—may contain irony! Produced on equipment that also processes sarcasm, levity, cold hard facts, and occasional bitterness." Plus I like Knat's seasonal buddy icons. It may morph in the future, but I feel kind of committed to the basic .gif.
"All non-Mormons want from the Mormon church is to be left alone."

So Mormons are free to keep dumping their gay sons out on the streets?
Religion is always anti-freedom. And it has never been concerned for anyone or anything that doesn't promote their completely ignorant view of the world. Mormons and Baptists seem to move in lockstep with the Vatican. That they get away with using the law to enforce their ignorance should result in a lawsuit, class action, against the church. That would be sweet.
It is simple: lead, follow, or get out of the way. Unfortunately, Mormons will not change until a divine revelation is received through the Prophet President of the church. Accepting the ministry of black men was "accepted" by the church...... being gay, ordaining gays, accepting the marriages of gay folk..... that is decades or a century away....
That's right. Nobody has to endorse or approve of other people's personal decisions, but when it comes to something with as much secular importance as marriage, not standing in the way is a good thing. To paraphrase a celebrated activist, sometimes all it takes for good to triumph is for those opposed to it to do nothing.

However, if they think that allowing gays to be married at city hall will change things for people who get married in Mormon or Catholic churches, they are right. However, the effects of divorce and cohabitation are much more profound. The fact that gay relationships get so much more attention than straight ones is proof that this is more homophobia than concern for the role of marriage in society.
Just like when they had to stop being officially racist they see times are changing and it's a losing battle.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Dan. All their whining about religious freedom is based on a complete misunderstanding of what the term means. They seem to think that they only have religious freedom if they can take it away from those who don't share their beliefs.
Mormons Drop Active Opposition To Cultural Relevance (At Least In Public).

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