My oldest younger sister used to play basketball, as do my twin nieces.

While I have met a few Sonics players over the years, I've never really followed the team.

That said, forcing the NBA to bring back the Sonics is a good thing. Plus, of course, NHL. Now that's a manly sport!

(caveat - every boy in my family has played ice hockey, since they were in grade school)
who is Sean Kemp?
NBA All-Star Sean Kemp? Next you'll be telling us the Rain Man was there.
Professional sports = everything I hate about this country.
@4 oh come on, there must be something else.

Batter fried bacon-wrapped frozen butter on a stick, perhaps?
David Stern and the extortion he perpetrates with his NBA stadium tactics can fuck off.
Hi there; thanks for mentioning me and my Sonics Nation page! I do have a correction for you though - when I was interviewed last night, I said I have over 300 likes...not 3,000...

But I sure hope to get there someday anyway! Thanks again!

Dawn M. Welch
Sonics Nation FB Page
Hi there; thank you so much for interviewing me and mentioning my Sonics Nation page!

I do have a slight correction to mention, however - when I was asked how many likes my page had, I said over 300...and somehow it got mistakenly translated into 3,000!

I do hope to get there someday anyway! Thanks again for covering the Sonics fans!

Dawn M. Welch
Sonics Nation FB page
Oops, sorry for the double post...I didn't know it was going to do that...first time poster here!
Just because a bunch of barbarians congregate, in the tradition Seattle ratio of 97 guys to 3 girls, doesn't mean it makes sense.


Faster than sound.

Makes sense for a team in a city that built the SST.

Oh darn, wait, we never built it!

Sonic(s) ?

What does it mean?

Of or relating to sound?

How about if another city had a team called the tactiles? Or the visuals? Makes no sense!!!
Really like the new t-shirts.

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