goddamn you're self important.
They just had a front page headline about Obama being attacked over Benghazi. I didn't think anyone gave a crap about that outside the fox news circle.

Keep them honest, Goldy.
I haven't even looked at your search engine, but a simple Google search finds more than 120 posts containing "Ed Murray", though to be fair there are some flaws in this methodology ("Ed Murray" appearing in the Comments or appearing elsewhere on the page would generate a viable search hit). Even with those caveats, I'm guessing that more than 16 of those 121+ posts feature Ed Murray in the text of the post.
Google returns 4,700 hits with "Seattle Times" 2013, but only 4,160 for "Seattle Times" 2013 goldy.

Keep up the good work.
What is that rag now, three pages? Have they considered a PR agent?
How many bylines does Eli Sanders have this year?
An ombudsman (ombudsperson?) would be contrary to their business model (flawed as it is). They don't do all that lying by accident.
@8 Slog posts don't count.
It is healthy and important to critique ones competitors.. the more competition, the more critique... It is also important to discuss newsworthy events often. Seems the ST makes the news with stupidity and cupidity more than is normal... I think you should "rag they fool ass" with a daily column/rant..;-D More is merrier..
The teabagger times is circling the drain. They lost a lot of subscribers. People are sick of reading the right wing lies. And nobody is going to pay for their website when they can get it free so they have to make their employees get subscriptions lol.
Martin's comment that the Stranger should focus on its coverage of homelessness was kind of odd. Do you think he's confusing the Stranger with Real Change?
Heh. I'm pretty sure they had an ombudsman when I had a subscription. Which was about twenty years ago. I bet he died off, and they never bothered to replace him
Golly, I think a Stranger Ombudsperson would be great! Maybe we can all take rotating shifts.
More hardhitting news from the Suburban Times website:

"Woman pleads guilty to killing ex-boyfriend with poisoned Jägermeister From Seattle Times Local News "

Isn't "poisoned Jaegermeister" redundant?
Goldy, Jonathan Martin- the man does "protest to much". He must Really Love the Stranger. Or the Seattle Times is in Great Need of Publicity and is Using the Stranger to get the attention desired.
Either way it shows Desperation and/or Weakness on their part.
Have A Good Day! and Keep "Pressing" on.
I love a good whip-it-out-if-you-got-it swordfight.
Right. Because the Times does such a great job covering homelessness and issues that are relevant to working people.

I'd been considering who might be the most qualified Stranger ombudsman for a little while. I'd like to formally nominate...

the "Danny" troll
Cascadian Bacon
a Fnarf/Will in Seattle tandem with all decisions requiring a consensus opinion
Rob Mckenna

Who am I missing?
@19: Will in Seattle won't get the joke.

So we should make it happen!
Someone near and dear to this Seattle Times issue of their oft-irresponsible reporting speculated to me yesterday that the Martin opinion piece was a pre-emptive PR plant due to a pending Washington News Council complaint. If so, it did not generate much commenter sympathy.

Keep shining your spotlight on this monopolistic rag, Goldy.

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