or not.

Face it, it's like Congress.

Or SIFF's opening night film.
Man. We already knew there was no easy solution here, but why not make it even more difficult?

At least they're not going to actively fight this. I'm with Tim on this: Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good. The current situation is just not feasible.
Hobos just don't like rules I guess.

"It's redlining, it's discrimination"

Even when it's a freebie?
Saying "the best legislation that we can get through city council" is not speaking in "glowing terms". It just means that it's probably not politically possible to do anything better now.

However, since we counted at least as many people without shelter this January as we did last January I'm not sure why tent city groups would greet these restrictions as being a great deal.
"Our position is: It's redlining, it's discrimination, and it plays on fears and phobias of homeless people."

Luckily folks in Ballard remember when Share let in a level 3 offender, a repeat rapist, into their Lord of the Rings camp in the Calvary Lutheran Church.

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