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did he find the service in an ad in The Stranger?
@1: Did someone help you type that?

trolling The Troll doc?

He does NOT look happy.
What's the difference between a sting and entrapment? I'm really unclear on this.

It seems like the authorities proffered and promoted an illegal and immoral product or service, with the expectation that any law-abiding citizen will just ignore it. Then someone bites, and they arrest him, even though he's not actually done anything illegal.

Law 'enforcement' works in mysterious ways, if you ask me.
@5, it is a fine line and a sting can turn out to be entrapment depending on how it is conducted.

In this case it is not entrapment.

For it to be entrapment the sting would have to be conducted in a way that actually induced the person to engage in criminal activity that they otherwise wouldn't.

Placing an ad in a paper is not entrapment. It doesn't induce activity a person wouldn't otherwise engage in. In this case if that ad weren't there it is reasonable to assume this person would have chosen a different ad to respond to, so it's not entrapment. They didn't lure him into doing something he wouldn't have done. They lured him into trying to do what he was going to do anyway with a police officer instead of a real 14 year old girl.
@6 @5 Exactly. It also needs to be said that these police stings often include some language from the undercover officer to the offender to confirm intent. Since you can't ethically wait for that kind of crime to be committed before making an arrest...legally, you can just stand on intent to commit that crime.

The officer would say something to the effect of "Make sure you bring (some specific item) for when (we engage in illegal activity)". So when the offender arrives with (that specific item) it proves intent to (engage in illegal activity).

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