I wish we could let him carry a non-viable fetus through the last portion of the pregnancy. What a heartbreak for the mother, and to compound it by requiring her to finish it out? Thoughtless, insensitive, cruel, and inhumane.
My Favorite Moron™
don't worry, the good people of his district will certainly replace him with a democrat in 2014.
I'll wait for independent confirmation that this happened. Here in Colorado, the gun lobby's main lawyer was spreading rumors (via Twitter) about a gun manufacturer being arrested for terrorism after he took a cab with seven shotguns somewhere. It took off among the gun crowd but turned out that no such arrest was carried out.

That doesn't mean that this did not happen, but Twitter isn't a 100% reliable conduit for news, either.
Woman: "I choose to abort this fetus."

Republican: "You don't get that choice!"

Woman: "Well then, I need help raising it."

Republican: "Fuck off! You were the one who chose to get pregnant! Don't force your bad choices on the rest of us!"
It's amazing how a slipshod, half-assed house of cards can be knocked down with just one table jostle.
Unfortunately, a Salvadoran woman who is carring a fetus that is missing a large section of its brain is being FORCED to carry it--despite the fact that she is at high risk of death due to lupus, kidney problems, and other complications. Take action below to try to tell the Salvadoran authorities to SAVE BEATRIZ!…
Why doesn't the GOP take a less retarded view on abortion. Hell, I'd even settle for a more economical view on abortion from them.
Gohmert's unique brand of fucktardery [Textard?] has spawned a cottage industry. I have yet to see a comprehensive index of his work online, but here are a few tidbits many of you have probably already seen:……………
San Salvador, El Salvador (CNN) -- A 22-year-old woman in El Salvador, pregnant and suffering from illnesses, has become a flashpoint in the country's debate on abortion.
Ten comments already and no one has pointed out that Gohmert has a good point?

Seriously, isn't Gohmert proof that in America, that fetus with no brain function could grow up and be a Texas Congressman?
@11: I think I love you.
Cognitive dissonance. Most Republicans, when they look at the picture of a woman, will immediately label it MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMMMMMMMMY. Because that's how they (don't) think.
Naturally the Republicans empathize with those who have no brain function.
Of course the GOP wants infants born even if they have no brain function.

How else are you going to get new conservatives?

(I know the joke has already been done to death in 14 comments, but I could not resist my spin)
If a fetus has total ancephaly, then no one should argue that it is a person. I understand the "shouldn't we treat an embryo like it's human just in case" argument, but with no brain and no chance of ever developing one, such a fetus has no capacity to have experiences. It's only alive the way a finger is. I wouldn't even think of what that woman did as an abortion.

But I guess hyperconservatives have to protect "people" with no brains; they're so easily mistaken for them.
I found no confirmation of this quote. Louie Gohmert is an idjit, no doubt, but I don't see a news story where he said this. Would love to see a citation from someone.
@5- Urgutha, you made my day! Perfect.
It's this kind of mindset that made it difficult for my wife to tell her religious, right wing parents when she was in the same situation. Fortunately they were sympathetic supported her.
Louie should repeat that trite nonsense in 2016 for Hilary's benefit.
It happened at a Congressional hearing. If you google it now, there are a few well-documented reports with full quotations.…
Bet ya Louie would also vote against funding the massively expensive healthcare this fetus would need if brought to term.
As I told my wife, Louie Gohmert jokes don't even need punchlines. Anytime someone starts a sentence "Louie Gohmert...." I just start laughing reflexively.

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