Not to mention that Gawker's ethics were in the toilet to begin with. The $200,000 they raised was to go to pay off drug dealers for the video. Other news organizations declined to pay drug dealers for the video, not because they couldn't come up with $200k, but because the whole transaction could not be ethically justified, no matter how you looked at it.
So Seattle is Michael Monroe's new Canada?

The polite, boring place where people don't shoot each other (recently at least according to SPD stats).

Is the video even important at this point? It's been reported "there is a video..." by every outlet, and the word "allegedly", as far as the general public is concerned, only means "can't sue us for saying it, but you know we know it's true!"

If this is what it takes for fans of stalker maps and Hulk Hogan sex tapes to give to charity, then go for it.
Based on what I just read in the other thread, they may be having trouble getting in touch with the guy because he's a corpse. I don't want to sound like I'm rooting for someone's death, but I would absolutely love it if Rob Ford could go down for first-degree murder. What a pig that man is.

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