Looks like Rodney's taking advice from three time loser Dino Rossi.…
Dino can fucking suck it. I own Rodney's sweet meat. He listens to his daddy.
this public didn't want "moderate". this public wants more leftist and fuck the GOP.
Mr. Collaborative. Not.
How many times we do have to reject Mr. Rossi for higher office before he stops playing a part in our state's fortunes?
Meanwhile the State Dems are bragging about how much they have already surrendered…

Lines like this:

"In fact, we’ve made $814 million in concessions and have set aside our own wish list of policy bills in order to move our state forward. That’s what the people want us to do."

Really fill me Party Pride. Yes, what we sent you to Olympia to do is give up on all the things we want, then beg the other side to not completely fuck us over. Excellent. Well done!
@7, just infuriating. The Dems will never learn, and the Republicans will never care. Guess who wins.
Rodney Tom = the road to hell for so many wonderful kids. But he doesn't get it because...


He doesn't stop between Medina and Olympia.

He is a wealthy white he.

He believes that wealthy whites know how to make "the poor peoples rich.

He was "so scared, so terrified" by a dark person that he's got to be protected so they won't get in his club.

What we've given up to feel "safe". Humanity, humility, compassion, opportunity for all, the foundation of the American Dream.

Rodney Tom and Dino Rossi have their own private glory hole.
I hope a good progressive is ready to challenge Tom in the next election.

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