Slog Bible Study; someone stick a fork in it
Those people shoulda kept their documents in the cloud.

Oh, wait...
Internet Anagram Server says: Purer Bee Glee
@3: The holy land of Israel was called the "land of milk and honey". Coinkamadink? I think NOT!
Finally, the bible makes sense!
Wasn't that from that Star Trek episode where the energy creature had been a serial killer in different bodies for millennia - like Jack the Ripper and so on?
Look, it's true this verse is inflammatory, but it might take on a whole other meaning if we were to read it in context.
Ramma Lamma DingDong
R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn
And Klatu Barata Nikto, to you.
I've been reading the Book of Genesis ( "Catholic Action Edition", 1952, which is the only one I have, and I don't care enough to get another version)

All I can say is those people were messed up. And The Lord is a real manipulative sourpuss. He admits himself that he made a mistake by creating humans, and he sure didn't fix it with that whole ark thing, so so much for being all-knowing. And there's way too much dismissive genealogy (i.e. so and so begat so and so, plus they had a whole bunch of other kids). the only remotely likable character is Sarah, and she dies halfway through.

It confirms my suspicions that the whole universe is someone's Sea Monkey colony that they only occasionally take an interest in, and will someday just flush down the toilet.

I'm going to keep at it though, and see how far along I get. If I can make my way through "The Fountainhead" I can get through at least the Old Testament.
Who are three guys who have never been in my kitchen?
This is why I could never read The Silmarillion. Tolkein stole the plot from Chronicles (and it's boring as hell).
This is a lame verse. Have you already done Ezekiel 1:16? I bet we could all say some snarky stuff about THAT one.
Slog Bible Study has run its course. Let's move on to Slog Quran Study or Slog Works of L. Ron Hubbard Study.
This quotation is perfectly cromulent, if you're illustrating how liars will include excessive amounts of detail in their fabrications for verisimilitude.
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
The three Beatles' drummers before Ringo...
Obviously, we should stick with Slog Bible Study. After all, this is A Christian Nation.

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