I'm not actually wishing for the death of conservative Supreme Court justices (because that would be wrong), but upon reading this morning's opinions it did pop into my head how different the future of US constitutional law might look should a couple conservatives justices die with a Democrat in the White House. And obviously, even wishing for a Supreme Court justice to die (of natural causes) would have no more force than wishing for it to snow, or for your favorite team to win a championship. It's just a wish. A powerless thought. You know, like prayer.

I mean, at 77, Justice Scalia has already lived a long and counterproductive life, so it's not like it would be particularly tragic for him to suddenly drop dead, especially if his replacement would cast votes protecting our right to vote, our right to choose, and our right to marry. Old men suddenly drop dead all the time. So am I really so awful for wistfully imagining the possibility?