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Ooooh, you in trouble, girl.
What's the record for the most lopsided Slog poll result to date?
I wish Ginsburg would retire, at least. But I can't claim the same thought hasn't popped into my head a few dozen times. He's such a mean, stupid bastard.
C'mon! That is crazy talk. Wishing for government officials to die because you disagree with their decisions is childish and reactionary. If someone on the other political side had the same reaction and said the same thing about a liberal judge you would want the police to investigate the wingnut's threats.
If it helps you aren't horrible. You aren't right about, well, anything- e er. I mean, horrible implies substance, if only in a negative sense.
@5 You are free to find it in poor taste, but there is nothing threatening about this post.

On a related note, I'm with @4. Given her poor health, I sure hope that Justice Ginsburg makes the personal sacrifice of stepping down while Obama is in office, just in case a Republican wins in 2016.
@4 Huh? Ginsburg is a woman, and NOT HORRIBLE AT ALL. Who do you mean? Scalia? He really is a mean, stupid bastard.
I'd rather see them caught red-handed engaging in high treason, see their infamy proven to stretch back before their SCOTUS appointments, and not be permitted the dignity of resigning in disgrace. I want to see these bastards forced to endure of impeachment trials, convictions, degradations, and have criminal charges heaped upon their heads. I want to see them sent into the corrupt, inhumane Federal prison system that they helps bolster and know that hardened criminals are shitting in their underwear. Death's too good for them.
I'm with @9. However, it's much more likely that one or more of them will simply die.
LOVE the line about Scalia. +1
@8 Teehee.
@4 I'm sure that Ginsburg will retire on Obama's watch, but I'm really happy that she's staying on the Court as long as possible.
I am certainly wishing for a few "retirements" in the next couple of years.
You're a real piece of shit, Goldy. If I was as big an asshole as you are I'd be wishing you'd die. But you have the right to your opinion, however based in bullshit it is. Today's decision didn't take away anyone's right to vote. Get a life.
Just wish they retire
BTW you really had to take a shot at religion, I know in the SLOG bubble its all anti religion but plenty of Democrats and liberals who are religious out there why piss off your allies?
@ 15 There a reason we still need a strong VRA, its not a post racial world yet.
Sadly, if anyone is likely to drop dead, it is probably poor old Ginsburg. I love her, but she is easily in the worst health of any of the justices. I hope she retires after this session so Obama can pick her successor.

But yeah... if Scalia suddenly dropped dead, I wouldn't shed a tear.
@16 - The trouble is that the most conservative justices are very unlikely to retire under Obama's watch. Barring some kind of personal catastrophe (see Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement in 2006), the only way the hard-right justices are going to be replaced with Obama appointees is through their natural, peaceful deaths.
Why do they all live so fucking long???
@5, @7

In fact, conservatives have already wished for the deaths of the liberal justices.

Here's Pat Robertson in 2003:…

Here's Senator Jim Bunning in 2009:…

And not a Supreme targeted, but here's a prayer for Obama's death for a Kansas politician.…
@17 Oh. Yeah. Because the mere expression of atheism is offensive to the faithful, so I should hide my own beliefs out of deference to the majority. Sorry.
@23 I think we're starting to affect the bottom line.

I'm more interested in who the next Fed chairperson will be.

Another money printer and asset inflator like Volker-Greenspan-Bernanke who will slavishly raise the value of the paper elite while devaluing everyone else.

Or someone...different?
@21 Because if you make it to 65, you're likely to make it to 82.…


but you should hide your face out of deference to humanity.
That's a real nice Court you got there. It would be a shame if something were to...happen to it.
@17 The difference between religious Democrats and religious Republicans is that religious Democrats are tolerant of other people's beliefs. Even when they are irrational.
I spent an hour doing this same thing this morning.
@21 It's that evil, unconstitutional government healthcare program.
We're not wishing for any of the Conservative Justices to die, just for their terms to be up.
I don't want them to die.

I'd rather see them incapacitated, in great pain, but unwilling to communicate, kept alive by artificial means for years as their personal fortunes dwindle, leaving their families resenting every breath they draw, and wishing they'd just die already.
@25 J-Yells!
As I said elsewhere:

If Democrats can hold the White House for two more terms through 2024, based on the average retirement or death age of every Supreme Court Justice since the 1950s, it's basically guaranteed that Democrats could have placed by then at least 6 or 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices. A massive super majority.

This was done by the Republican justices in preparation for the 2016 elections. Every percentage point that can be wrung out will be wrung out, the votes of non-white non-Republicans be damned. If they lose the White House in 2016 they may lose the nation outright.
It's bad karma, regardless of the politics.
I'm surprised that Justice Thomas hasn't killed himself with all the self-loathing he's got going on.

@33 - Awesome. <3
@29, this religious Dem isn't in the least bit tolerant of the religious Republicans. They are truly intolerable.
I'm more of the school that quietly cheers as conservatives broadly speaking -- justices, politicians, plutocrats, and voters in general -- die off. The older generation skews radically conservative, and the more of them shuffle off as nature takes its inevitable course, the better.

Outadaway, old trogs. Out of the way. Get going. The rest of us have plans and they don't include you.
No, you're not a horrible, horrible person "to imagine the (natural) death of conservative justices." any more I am to imagine the same of a liberal justice. Alas, you've proved to me at least, you're no more ideological than Scalia himself is.

Look, the SCOTUS is ideological at the end of the day. Presidents have great interest in who they choose for the Court. It may be their only true legacy for better or for worse depending. Some Presidential appointments disappoint. Some surprise. But, it reflects the ideological divide of the country. So, a decision like this isn't too surprising.

I've yet to read this Court Opinion (have you?). It did surprise me but I want to give it the benefit of the doubt.

For the record, I want ALL the SC Justices regardless of their political disposition to remain healthy and lucid. This Opinion, like Roe vs. Wade might remain contentious for a long long time.
Nothing says "functioning political system" like "I hope the other guys die!".
I too hope that Scalia and Thomas meet their respective ends as soon as possible and by natural causes, such as inadvertently falling into a wood chipper or contracting Ebola virus.
I am also eternally hopeful that Darrell Issa finally succumbs to his tertiary syphilis.
Maybe you could hope they die INSTEAD of some goodhearted, thoughtful, loving, helpful person. That way you aren't wishing for any extra death. That balances it out, right?
It's perfectly rational to wish for their deaths. It's inevitable since they can serve until they croak, and we have no practicable controls over that possibility. Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts - Buh BYE!
I really feel like we should have term limits for the Supreme Court. Even if its something crazy long like 20-30 years. No single person should get to have decades of direct influence over our entire judicial system.

Or perhaps a system where the justices are forced to retire after the term of their 75th birthday.

Yah, sorry about Scalia. When I was at Berkeley working in the law library as an undergrad he came in to preside over moot. Boalt always seemed to get a Supreme.

Anyhow, enter me, late to a final lecture before the end of semester, clocking out, bursting through the library entrance, and about to bound down the multi-story not-so-grand spiral staircase. Then someone back at the main desk called after me. I looked back to yell I'd see them tomorrow, while still running forward toward the stairs, only to quickly turn around to see that I was about to barrel straight into a portly man, with a taller skinnier man behind him.

He'd apparently not been paying attention either, judging by his gaping eyes as he turned his head around and our eyes met…about 6 inches apart. We both grabbed on to each other, and launched down several stairs, with him underneath me.

I got up, utterly embarrassed and apologizing profusely.

Then I noticed the strangely official lapel pin on the skinny man, who was trying to help both of us up, but mostly the fat guy. Hmm… Only to start to realize, hey, there's something familiar about this fat guy.

Then it hit little liberal Berkeley me like a ton of bricks. Holy fuck. I'd just surfed Scalia. With a Democrat in the White House. (Cliinton. 1995ish.) And I hadn't killed him. What the fuck? What the fuck was wrong with me missing that kind of opportunity!

Dear America, Women and their Vaginas, Brown People, Al Gore, and all that is Right and True, I apologize for not realizing sooner who he was as we slide-bounced down the stairs, and maybe just pushing down on his head a little or something.

As for the fat fuck. He was pleasant enough to me. He also apologized profusely for not looking where he was going, asked if I was OK, and tried to reassure me that he was all right. But true to form, it didn't seem like he was so worried about my well being per se, more that he was worried that I would be mortified that I had careened into his oh so magisterial self. What Conservatives call empathy really does always come back to being about them.

I do think back from time to time on it and what-if. Scalia toast in 1995. How great would that have been?
I want the same thing for these folks as I do for George W Bush and his cadre: a long, healthy life, full of knowledge that history will remember them for the crooked villains that they are, all safely from the confines of a federal prison.
I will only vote in this poll if POTUS stops spying on my internet activity. Wait, no, who am I kidding. OF COURSE I'll vote in this poll!

Everybody dies eventually.
You are typical of the liberal silver spoon sect that believe the sun rises and sets on them and their ilk....that you somehow hold the plan of the universe in the palm of your hand and you have the ability to control that have your hand out for things you have not worked for and expect benefits that you do not deserve....the only thing up to this point that you have served in any capacity is to serve your fat face in the lunch line of your tiny microscopic existence and pretend you are smarter than anyone else and hold all the answers to the world's problems that you imagine are piled higher than the Empire State is turds like you that Marx and Lenin ended up walking on to raise themselves to power, fortunately Marx and Lenin will never gain a foothold in the United States, even with scum bags such as yourself......
@50: You are typical of the willfully ignorant conservative sect that equates liberalism to communism, despite all the historical facts to the contrary. Then there is this: Marx never held a position of power in his life, dying in poverty and obscurity. Also, once upon a time, in the 1930s, Communism was very popular in the US, so Marx did have a foothold in this country. You should read, and analyze your histories, and Communism (hint: Its NOT what was practiced in Russia) before spouting off like the fool you are. And learn some basic punctuation, it will make you come off as slightly less annoying.

You'd have been the third answer to any question looking for a response that begins with Sarah Jane Moore and Squeaky Fromme.

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