I was reading that homo erectus was the most successful hunting hominid, very widespread.

That was until Cro-Magnon, shaped by his battle against Neanderthal predators, swept the globe, killing the competition. Literally.

Poor homo erectus. He was a kindly ape who hunted well. But he wasn't like us. We are diabolical.

"Shockingly, weโ€™re a whole lot better at throwing baseballs than chimps."

That's hardly shocking. Chimps are much bigger and more unwieldy.
Alfred Crosby speculated in Throwing Fire that the entire reason we went upright was to leverage our ability to throw. It allows the species to project violence.…


Was that before or after the Throwing Madonna?

Which says that our brains evolved so we could hurl things at food and enemies who annoy us regularly.
Next stop, every elephant or wolf in a zoo.
I came on to say, "I can't throw a chimp at all!"
@2, Jinks!
I cried when I saw the video on the news last night of the chimps being outside for the first time. Heartbreaking. One of them clung to a fence the whole time.

Yeah, the videos of animals seeing sun and grass for the first time after a life in a laboratory definitely pulls on the heart strings. There's an excellent video on youtube of Beagles doing the same thing.

Now, what to do with junior Dr. Mengle's that test on chimps? I say we vivisect them.

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