Blah blah blah it's Monday and Sarah Palin said something hypocritical. She also hinted at the idea of creating a third party:

But, look: She's not going to do that. She's not going to leave the Republican Party. You know how I know that? It's because Sarah Palin never does anything. She's never done anything. She'll never do anything. She just talks. She talks and talks and talks. But she never does a fucking thing. Starting a third party is a tremendous effort that takes time, brains, and money. It requires doing something. And "something" is something that Sarah Palin will never do. Because it requires shutting up and taking action. That is not what Sarah Palin does. So let's quit pretending she'll ever take any sort of action that involves something other than sitting in front of a camera. Let's spend our time talking about real things, instead.