I'm not gonna watch because it's just gonna me angry.
It was worth it. You should watch. Love her.
@1 It didn't make me any angrier than I was to start with, and she did an admirable job. I hope it gets some media airplay on tonight's news. She totally deserves some. And some daytime TV interviews. Someone tell Ellen to have her on.
I"ve watched this about four times already.

You go, girl!

@1, yeah, you should watch it. I've been angry all day and it was cathartic to see a woman shout like I wish I could.
She is awesome!! Must watch.

"I will judge you, I will judge you, ma'am".
88% of all abortions in the United States are obtained within the first 12-13 weeks after the last menstrual period (LMP).

Sometimes, however, women have compelling reasons to obtain abortions in later weeks.


Nearly one-third of all abortions after 12 weeks are obtained by teenagers.


women who were having an abortion at 16 or more weeks, a substantial percentage said the delay occurred because they needed time to raise money


Despite the claims of some anti-abortion activists, women have access to abortion in the third trimester only in extreme circumstances. Fewer than 2% of abortions are provided at 21 weeks or after, and they are extremely rare after 26 weeks of pregnancy.…
Brava! Good shit. I mean, bad shit, but her shit is good shit.
I wanted to see how Gary Old-man followed that up.
Aaaand Texas loses another citizen to brain drain.
WOOOHOOO! "Excuse me! I will judge you, ma'am. This is MY government." I love her.
I don't get it. What are the grounds for cutting her off? Is "herpes" an obscenity in the chair's opinion?
@12: Maybe they were anticipating her using the horrible curse word "vagina."
There's good testimony and there's great testimony. Great testimony avoids provocative insults on adversaries (legislators of your opposing party) and uses effective and creative persuasive techniques with the power of well-written text. Otherwise, you're going to get hauled off by security - as well you should considering the venue.
@14 - Please. No matter what she said or how eloquently she worded her statement, they weren't going to listen. I'm sure there have been hundreds of polite statements pointing out the bullshit.

Her speech is for us, who all saw it because of what she said and how she said it.
@7 Props, nice post.

@14 Ok now that you've looked at the situation from the perspective of the Chair of the meeting. Think about from the perspective of the woman testifying. You've listen to hours of misinformation and bad science being used to advocate an attack on your rights, to block others from learning how to look out for their health, protect themselves from harm, and severely limit the access of millions to screening, treatment, counselling and care. Or if it is simpler for you just imagine being spit and pissed on continuously for a few hours and then finally being allowed to respond.
And then there's fabulous testimony that goes viral, and exposes the perfidy of the Texas legislature to a larger audience. And I'm starting to agree with Fnarf's assessment of you raindrop. You do seem to love an authoritarian.
@14- sometimes some of us just need to call bullsh!t what is it, particularly when talking to people will not listen, who will not be moved.

I'm with @16, she spoke for me and mine, a rallying cry, and I need every one I can get.
i think she lost them (well, from the beginning 'cause she's a women who probably wears pink trainers when she works out at the lesbogym) when she said she was moving to new york.

i wouldn't have disclosed that since it's a signal to the legislators that you are no longer going to be a constituent. . .

as for the rant, could've been better or worse, but it got her noticed and raised awareness and ire, so that's good.

and @19 really?, how many rallying cries do you need? get revolting or ex-pating or running for office, don't just sit there and collect outrages. . .
@12: I'm wondering that too. I'd love to hear one cogent explanation as to why she'd be cut off prematurely. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees the right of citizens to "petition the Government for a redress of grievances", you know.
@20 - I think the legislators in question could feel pretty confident they weren't going to get her vote anyway, New York or no New York.
Bravo to Sarah Slamen!
Apparently there's a procedural rule forbidding "personal attacks" when speaking from the floor. That was the pretext, FWIW. Whether this rule has ever been invoked before this, I couldn't tell you.
In Texas, you don't say that you are moving to New York and expect to be heard. These idiots aren't gonna hear her anyways, but Ms. Slamen's message is lost in part because it is a rant and not well formulated critique, and because of her lack of awareness of her audience and the setting. That said, fuck Texas.
I'm with Thyme. There's not always two sides to an argument, and when one side is offering nothing but bullshit, the only effective response is to call it bullshit.
I will judge you!

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