Good thing we aren't shutting down 520 and 405 all weekend, and the Seattle bridges for boats periodically.

Oh. Wait.

Hey, let's add some Tunnel problems into the mix!

Bikes/walking/kayaks ftw.
1. Invite everyone to fun thing
2. Everyone arrives
3. Fun destroyed
You weren't aware that every weekend there is a traffic advisory that says the streets will be clogged all day Saturday and Sunday? Or you weren't aware that every weekend all the streets are clogged all day long?

So, yeah. Always like this. What's it like where you live?
If you must drive somewhere, please make sure your gin and tonic is in a plastic cup with a secure lid.
That list seems a little worse than usual. Since this is the second of the only five reliably nice weekends of the Seattle summer, it's unsurprising that a fuck-ton of outdoor events are scheduled.

@1 405 is closed, too? Yikes!
But the MV. Manoa will be from Honolulu late Friday night or Early Saturday morning, at Terminal 18, the MV. APL India will be in at terminal 5, The MV. Xin Chong Qing will be at Terminal 30, and the MV. Hajin Haiphong will be at terminal 46, Sunday.

So while this is a light weekend for the port of Seattle that will still be several thousand TEU's moved in and out of the various terminals, so that would mean several thousand trips by truck, some onto I-5 and I-90, but many to the BNSF yard on Lander Street.

Then there are the 5-8 Seattle area residents, who are crew members on the MV. Manoa, (the only U.S. Flag ship in the mix) who will want to visit there families, and all of the crew members on all of the ships will want some time ashore.

Then there are the Stevedores who need to commute in and out of the port, and of course the various vendors that will need to transit the area.

Granted the city can't and shouldn't shut down just for the Port, but since traffic is already hell does it really make sense to make it worse by adding a basketball arena to the mix?

especially when the arena can be built in all sorts of places, but the port pretty much needs to where it is.
Don't forget there's also the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo at Seattle Center this weekend.

SHHHHH your kind aren't allowed to talk. Seattleites need to maintain the illusion everything they buy moves and arrives in hermetically sealed gleaming white machinery, and not on the dirty and broken backs of rusty equipment and hard-working folk.

That might be literally the most redeeming thing about Tacoma. It doesn't attempt to sterilize its working waterfront for the hoity-toity crowd.

Seattle has always been terrible as a community at planning events and construction around other events and construction. It's like no one ever thinks to look at a calendar or schedule, or consult other organizations to find ideal times outside of everyone else's events.
SDOT informs you of the problems but also offers incentives for reducing your drive-alone car trips.The Walk Bike Ride challenge is running now until Sept 9th and it's not to late to be eligible to win prizes for your efforts.

SDOT is hosting the Walk Bike Ride Challenge to inspire residents to try new ways of getting around without a car. It’s estimated that 40 percent of urban travel is for trips of two miles or less and close to 90 percent of those trips are by car.

Obviously this is a good weekend to start your Walk, Bike Ride activities and sign up for the Walk Bike Ride Challenge at the city's WaytoGo website or on Luum dot com
Heh heh. Erection.
@4 exactly. Might I recommend a stainless steel coffee mug with lid? It will help keep the ice from melting and diluting the deliciousness.
And on top of all this traffic/Public events mess I have a cold starting up that will last for two weeks. However, I am still planning on attending Sub Pop Silver Jubilee on Sat and might go to Ballard on Sun. Then it's major rest and recovery time until CHBP.

You're wrong, many Slog staffers take an active interest in labor issues and the working class, David Goldstein, Dominic Holden and Charles Mudede are especially good about this, (though Ansel Hertz is another story) but like almost all other Americans they don't really understand the Maritime Trade sector.

But on the most important issues, education and infrastructure the Stranger covers the issues better than any one else in the state.

I would however like them to be more even handed when covering issues like the arena, coal trains, the food for peace program and the Port Of Seattle.
Seattle Reign are also playing the Washington Spirit Sunday night at 5:30pm. It will be the first televised match (Fox Soccer).
Seattle Reign are also playing the Washington Spirit Sunday night at 5:30pm. Rapinoe, Solo, Fishlock, Nairn, Krieger and Lindsay! It will be the first televised match (Fox Soccer).
@12 - Ice doesn't melt in a gin and tonic. At least, I've never known it to.
Don't forget, Tacoma Pride!
A. Seattle traffic has become a mess over the last 5 or so years - in which I blame the transplants and yuppies all new here (who all don't know how to drive in a city) - as well as the poorly timed lights and constant road work and closures the minute the sun shines.

B. Seattle had NEVER been good at planning events in accordance to OTHER events going on at or around the same time.

C. Save Ballard.

D. Extra lime for my gin and tonic please.

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