If only your instagram filters were able to add any color or contrast to your writing.
cant wait to tape gig posters all over em
Obviously, this proves that [white people / capitalism / rural peasants] are the bane of all that's true and good.
i helped make those last summer, i had no idea they were gonna be put in here. don't blame me though, we were just contracted out to make the spheres and cones.
@3's right, I am a young white rural peasant who was contracted through capitalism to do it. Sorry for turning our city into looking like the parking lot at Disneyland.
wtf. stop.
Once again, Charles refuses to credit artists by name, but slags them anyway.
Charles, just as the movie "Police Beat", has a writer and a director, these artworks were made by someone, someone who deserves to be credited, even if you hate the artwork.

You are fully within your rights to dislike any artwork you choose.
You are a boor if you do so without acknowledging that the work in question was created by a real person- by doing that, you allow yourself the ability to be snottier, and more abstract and meaningless in your criticism, but we all suffer as a result.

These pieces are by the local artist Claudia Fitch.
And just for the record, I like them, and I think she is a very good artist.…
In person, they're actually quite cheerful.
Is this the same person that made sweater covers for the tree trunks. Seattle sure is a different place and finds the oddest things to waste money on.

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