MLP is awesome. You are not.
It's a hell of a lot meaner than meat space, at least in my experience. None of us would say half the shit we say if we were standing face to face.
Maybe she's frustrated that her two movies this year are coming out on the same weekend?
Quit being so mean, you shits.
if Mary-Lou is unhappy then the internet needs to be cancelled.

not kidding.
The internet can be very pleasant for someone who simply reads, never comments, plays games suggested by Stranger Testing Dept, etc.
Unfortunately, I was raised Christian by heterosexual parents in a small rural town, so I'm prone to satanic evilness.
I hope, Stranger Testing Dept., I will see the light. Keep posting! Robot Vacuum looks pretty cool. One question, I was wondering if it can be downloaded on both desktop and/or cellphone. Thanks.
I'm surprised. Internet criticism typically can be harsh, rude, and vile, but it is not coming from someone you respect. The criticism that stings comes from professional critics or your peers, and they existed long before the Internet.
Weeds sucked.
Another incredibly hot woman who is mega successful at being an incredibly hot woman is upset that some people cannot get on board with her incredible hotness and dwells on it to the point she is going to quit and change her life. Where have I heard this before? At least she did work for her money, instead of getting married for it. If I was one of the genetically gifted and made a shitload of cash off celeb work, I would quit too. I mean look at the crop of middle age famous actresses right now--most of them are rich as fuck. They could stop doing any work at all and be waited on hand and foot on a beach anywhere they like for the rest of their lives. The next million they make isn't going to improve their lifestyles anyway, so why do it? Because they need to be in front of that camera. They need everyone to think they are hot. They need everyone, EVERYONE to love them, and it shatters the illusion of their life's work if every person surrounding them doesn't adore them unconditionally. they have no way to ignore people they don't know talking shit about them, because to do so would invalidate their existence.

Maybe they should just become SLOG commenters, they probably all need to toughen up a little.
How are the two even connected? This is a weird statement/protest.
Wow, @10, aren't you just a ray of sunshine.

I kinda get what she's saying. There are plenty of blogs and news sources out there that I read, but don't dare delve into the comments. *shudder*
@2 - I'm quite certain you're right...even just being forced to give up anonymity is enough to tone it down.

Still, I have to say, "and why, exactly, do I care?" What is she griping about? Live by the sword (celebrity), die by the sword.

What @2 said. Except more like 97%, not half. Try not to take stuff seriously, and expect not to be taken seriously.
She's not really all that hot.
I bet a lot of her criticism is completely sexist.

I think she's a good actor. Granted, Weeds sucked after season 2 and her character was a ruthless whore, but Bryan Cranston plays an evil megalomanac and the whole world blows smoke up his ass.

Guh! I hope she comes around.
There is no option for "Can somebody let her know that the internet doesn't magically go away just because you threaten to ragequit something?"
Some people act for the work or the money.
Aw, poor wittle actwess is getting more insults than praise. Poor wittle flower.
Why are you being such a dick about this?

If a public figure complains about negative attention, then you tell them they should have known before they went and made themselves famous. If you can't stand the heat...

But if they decide they've had it and they want to stop, then you jump their shit for being too soft?

So the only correct answer is to thank you for being such a prick?
@21 Suddenly you're Politeness Man, defender of decorum on America's Internets? That's rich.

I beat up on bullies, like the staff at the Slog. You'd have me and Parker and everyone be doormats so that non-creative blogger pricks could abuse everyone and never get called on their bottom-feeding bullshit.
Stand up to bullies, not run away.
@10, 20 and others: do you honestly believe she is complaining about negative constructive criticism? I guarantee you that this is driven by the mountain of horribly, frighteningly sexist and misogynist insults thrown at any woman who dares to enter the public eye. Even in this thread you have people dismissing this because she's just not hot enough for them.
Jesus, the internet really is mean. I feel like shit after reading some of these comments.
In addition to the general "meanness is bad" problem, there is another issue that has been affecting the quality of shows - fan griping. There have been several cases where severe bitching from fans in forums (usually as hatefests against female characters) has driven the writers of a show to drastically change stories and character arcs to try to mollify them.

While I am all for feedback and creator-fan interaction, I wonder how shows we loved before the rise of forums that were awesome because they took risks and had characters who were initially unpopular but who added important elements would have been changed.
Yeah the internet is like ye olde times of critics except there's a million of them and no one is being copyedited. So, yikes.

I wonder if the internet was a last straw thing for her. She's been acting for a long time and I read an interview where Weeds kept getting one more season and she was like "Ok I'm approaching 50, how much longer can I keep wearing tube tops" or whatever. She may be feeling that older actress pinch that I wish didn't exist.
For ordinaries like us, the internet is an enormous meadow with wildflowers and birds and bees, strewn with steamy dog turds. Walk carefully, focus on the lovely bits, and it can be quite rewarding.

I can only imagine what Ms. Parker's gone through, though. Starring in Jenji Kohan's groundbreaking series revolving around a female lead character who's a self absorbed, often self deluding frequent asshole? I'm sure she's in the crosshairs of every mouth-breathing misogynist in the world.
People don't love MLP? What the fuck is wrong with the world!? I've loved almost everything she's been in. Her performance in Angels in America was awesome, and the only reason Weeds went downhill was the writing in the last few seasons (it just wasn't the same show once they left Agrestic).
I sympathize, but really - if you're sensitive to criticism, don't read twitter, don't read blogs, and never ever ever read the comments. Without a You to be outraged/upset by them, they cease to have any purpose.

Interesting to imagine a Slog without a comment option, you know? Or even with only Nice People comments. Either way, it would be a ghost town within a week.
@25 Yeah the commenters are assholes, the question is why should she care? Life is tough, buy a fucking helmet. At least that is what I am telling all my hot female 40 something friends that married rich and got traded in for new younger ladies. I actually like the work MLP has done, but c'mon. She has it made for the rest of her life, why should she, or any of her class of people give two shits what some pimply faced microdicked moran says about them on the internet?
Well, sure, I can see her point... But really the internet has just allowed us to clearly see ourselves in all our technicolor, ugly glory. It's nothing more than Human Amplified. Can you imagine what kinda shitshow the internet would have been if we'd had it back in the early 60's, during the fight for Civil Rights? Can you just IMAGINE the kind of hell a decent person would have found online then??

But the main thing I think when I read this is, "Oh, how nice to be able to have a choice - to be financially secure enough to be able to say 'I'm not going to be working anymore because [fill in the blank]'." It's a choice only a very few in our society get to make, pre-retirement age..... sigh
@21, 25:

I wish I could just quit working because people are mean. Maybe she should check her privilege.

She's right, but it's really because her industry does not like women over 30.

@33 actually, some of us remember the UseNet Flame Wars. We started to block certain colleges from certain forums because of what they posted.
@34, let me get this right. You wish you could do what she's hoping to do. Because you can't do it, she shouldn't. Is that right?

Or is it that she should keep her mouth shut? Not clear what your goal is for her behavior.
People are selfish assholes, and 99% of them have no taste. The Internet just gives those losers a platform (present company exempted, of course).

Actually historically this is an improvement. Humans used to be far, far worse.…
We knew fake commenters were a nuisance back in the UseNet days. Now eeeeeeverybody gets to be a troll.

I don't see this being solved until the internet slowly moves to a validated or actual-ID comment system. It's the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory in effect:
The Stranger making anonymous comments invisible by default is a good step n the right direction.
@25: Dead on. I'm betting it's the rape/death threats that are universal for public women on the internet that get to her, not merely criticism.

Maybe she is wealthy enough to quit acting because she's worked hard and been so successful? And doesn't have a $10,000 a day jet set lifestyle? And (if you bothered to read) you'd know that she will still be getting paid to write for Esquire?

Do you feel that you are underprivileged because Esquire doesn't pay you to write? Maybe you should check your entitlement.
@32: Sure, she shouldn't care. But she's a human being. Not all of us are very good at shrugging off the sort of negative personal attacks you see every day online. If you read the original article, you'll find that she is trying to protect her daughter from this as well.

@34: She is not quitting working, she is leaving one career (acting) and continuing another (writing). Read the article.

Regardless, privilege has nothing to do with any of this. Just as anonymous jerks have every right to spew their ugliness all over the internet, she has every right to object to that ugliness, and to protect herself and her family from it. Her race and class privilege in no way erases those rights. If anything, she is using her privileged position to decry behavior that harms everyone, regardless of class, race, gender, etc.
If Slog had sig lines, mine would be "I'm not an asshole, but I play one on the Internet."
@42 wait, you expected me to read the original article? Balderdash. The right to comment on things we have not read is the 3rd amendment of the internet constitution.
I respect her right to back away. I know I've done it. Somedays there is a limit to the number of insults I can put up with and/or the number of interactions I can have with someone so full of shit that I feel I have become covered with their stench by interacting with them.
On one hand the internet really can be a cesspit of humanities worst. On the other hand you don't have to go wading in that cesspit. I mean the Men's Rights section of Reddit makes me want to break my monitor so I just don't read it. Same with Youtube comments.

Realizing I don't have to interact with online assholes if I don't want to has made life a lot better.
@44 No, Balderdash has an avatar. @42 is someone else.
She's retiring from a job that is no longer worth the effort to her, in part because the human race is full of assholes, especially assholes when it comes to women who don't snivel. Why the FUCK are people acting like she's a bitch here? If you wouldn't quit a job you don't need financially because people treated you like shit, please tell me about your sainthood.
@48 - Nailed it.

To everyone pointing out how easy it is to shrug off all the nastiness on the internet--how many of those millions of negative comments are directed at YOU? I suspect it's a much smaller number than are directed at her.
Play a rotten whore in a tv show ,and thats what you get. Her choices of character that she played , is as imorial and mean as the people who cut her up online. She brought it on herself. I don't feel sorry for her . She's an idiot.
The problem people are those who march for animal rights but go home and kick their dog. These are the people who are pretend to be human, but inside are ravenous wolves,

which you know what, isn't really wrong until the asshole grammarian lies about it, refuses to own it, or in the worst case scenario pretends to be someone else just so they don't have to be responsible for their words or actions.

Those people are fucking despicable

For anyone else, it's not their opinion that is wrong, no matter how temporary it is and no matter how one sided or during a moment of extreme emotion, what is wrong is when you choose to be a fucking prick because you believe you can get away it.

like everything else, many times it is not what you think or what you do that makes it inherently wrong, it's trying to dodge responsibility for it

lying about it can make anything you do, the wrong thing to do

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