I'm with Andrew:

With countless interactive hook-up sites, and ever more apps that combine sexting with GPS, a huge proportion of the current and future generations will have sent pics of their boobs or butts or junk as a form of sexual play, fantasy, virtual interactive pornography, and, to a lesser extent, getting laid. That’s simply the reality. Humans are sexual beings, and given a new obsessive-compulsive toy to play with, the Internet, their first instinct was to see how they could use it to get off. Porn and virtual sex sites not only power the web, they helped create it.

I see nothing here that any sane society would try to stop or regulate. Men are more prone to this instant, impulsive, fantasy-driven sexual gratification (testosterone is a powerful drug), but women are also involved. And if you display every detail of every sext-chat in public, both parties will be as embarrassed as if someone had taped the sex talk in their bedroom and broadcast it on the radio....

Monogamous, monogamish, and open relationships are all up to the couples themselves and all have risks and advantages. But ultimately it is up to the spouse to decide if there has been a transgression or not, and whether to forgive and move forward or not. The truly awful spectacle yesterday was seeing Huma Abedin being forced to undergo another public humiliation as the price for her husband’s public career. But she clearly stated she was not abandoning her husband. And for me, as for us, that should close the matter.

But I see no reason why that trust should not be tested where it should be: at the ballot box. Weiner should not, er, withdraw prematurely. He should do us all a favor, if his wife agrees, and plow on until we can all smoke a collective cigarette. In this new Internet Age someone has to be the person who makes sexting not an excludable characteristic for public office. If it becomes one, then the range of representatives we can choose from in the future and present will be very, very different in experience and background than the people they are supposed to represent.

Even if you find Weiner's behavior disgusting, even if you're mystified by Huma Abedin's stand-by-her-mannishness (hey, maybe they have an agreement, people? Maybe she's enjoys getting her virtual freak on too?), won't you please think of the children? Think of your own children. I promise you, moms and dads of America, your kid is online right now sexting up a storm, swapping dick pics and boob shots, flirting with classmates, cranking up their BFs and GFs before school, during school, after school, etc., and all of their flirty chats, texts, IMs, and pics are going to wind up stored somewhere. Kids today: each and every one of them is creating a smutty digital trail that could be used against them one day—unless we defuse these ticking dick pic time bombs now.

And any parent who doesn't want to see that time bomb defused—any parent who believes that dirty pics or sexts being made public should disqualify a person from public office or get a person fired or get a student expelled—is painting a bullseye on their own kid's back.

I'm not saying New Yorkers have to elect Weiner. But we do have to get the fuck over him, we have to get the fuck over it, just like we had to get over pot. Once upon a time admitting to having used pot—or getting caught using pot—could end or derail a political career. At some point we realized that, fucking hell, if we disqualify everyone who has ever smoked pot from public life we were going to be left with social misfits and shit-talking liars. So we got over it.

We can get over this too. We have to. Think of the children! Think of your children!