Joel Connelly at local news blog reports that Washington State Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur is resigning his post to take a gig at the DC-based Young America's Foundation, a conservative youth organization. Because nothing screams "young America" like the 60-year-old Wilbur.

“I have been offered a five-year contract with the Young America’s Foundation that I would be foolish not to accept,” Wilbur said. “I will be moving to the ‘other’ Washington within the next couple of months to write the next chapter of my life.”

All snark aside, my sincere best wishes to Kirby in his efforts to corrupt our nation's youth. While he is absolutely wrong about almost everything, he was always fair to me during my many appearances on his old KVI talk radio show, and was very supportive of my efforts to get my own radio show, going so far as to write me a letter of recommendation. At the risk of hurting his standing amongst his peers, I kinda consider him a bit of a mentor.

So best of luck, Kirby. And enjoy the humidity.