The first of many fleeing to a better life in the East.
Maybe the humidity will get him to sweat some pounds off his girth.
Makes sense, in the GOP the youth vote is anyone not yet on Medicare.
thank you number one!
@1, I think so, and holy CAT, we had YAFfers on my campus when I was an undergrad back in the late Devouring Period (1979 or so). They were obnoxious even then; I imagine they're even more so now.
"...late Devouring Period..."

Wait, does autocorrect take cues from other people's comments now (@3)?
"local news blog"

I almost missed that. Subtle.

Everyone join my struggle to create an Initiative to repeal RCW 84.55 -- the limits to property taxes!…

Says Goldy, who's probably sent his fifth resume to MSNBC!
@2, like Boeing, eh?
You might not like Kirby's politics but I guarantee you've never met a nicer guy and he's one of the few that would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He spent tons of his time with lots of people who could never return his many kindnesses and I'm glad to have known him.
Well, fresh off a campaign that got the state GOP, let's see . . . er . . . umm . . . one statewide win, who wouldn't parlay that success into bigger and better things? Strike while the iron is hot!
Why did Kirby Wilbur refuse to serve in the US military?

Why does Wilbur hate America?

Why didn't John Boehner refuse to complete US Navy basic training?

Why was Boehner ashamed to serve in the US military?

Why do they hate America?

Why didn't John Boehner refuse to complete US Navy basic training?

That should have been,

Why did John Boehner refuse to complete US Navy basic training?

Too much time spent at block parties, I guess.....
wow, I think this is the first time i have heard of Wilbur doing good! That's cool that he was supportive.

I also wish to thank him for keeping Washington Blue!
Oh, Goldy. Now these words are coming back to haunt you:…

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