Can I still listen to my Yakov Smirnoff tapes?
Has it been confirmed that Piroshky Piroshky makes hate-free food?
Kalishnikovs? Uranium ore? Mail order brides? Yakov Smirnoff?
@1 In Russia, vodka boycotts you!
So Stoli's NOT a Russian Vodka, eh? Well how convenient. Russian when it suits you...not Russian when it doesn't.…

How about the NHL, which has approximately 30 Russian players?

Also, oil.
@1: Yakov Smirnoff falls under the "Actual Russian" category. DO NOT BOYCOTT!
What about my Dan Savage nesting dolls?
Fairly sure the only oil we import from Russia to Washington is salad dressing oil. America is a net energy exporter.

What about Russian credit card fraud gangs? Boycott or not?
@2 - I happen to know a gay man who makes some of those piroshkies. I know that doesn't prove anything about the policies of his bosses, but if you eat there, you are likely eating food that has been manhandled by a gay, for whatever that's worth.
What about the fact that ACTUAL RUSSIAN QUEERS are calling this boycott ridiculous?

This whole thing is just typical ego boosting from the straight gays at the Stranger.
@11 - Until you have an official statement from the actual Queen of the Russian Gays, blow it out your ass.
that's CZARINA of the russian gays, thank you, tovarich.
What about Cheburashka???
Wow, Mac, you're a moron ;)
Good to know you all at the Stranger realize what a joke this boycott is. Better hope that Savage isn't checking the site from his vacation, though.
...Russians who no longer live in Russia most likely hate that shithole more than you ever will!
True enough for the most part, but beware of particular brands of violent homophobic Russian evangelicals in this country:……
@15 - And excellent rejoinder sir or madam! You've certainly made your case. Everyone, shut down this boycott; we have third-party confirmation that Russian gays disapprove of this activism and that I am a moron.
Let's just be honest here; Russian dressing is the Vodka of salad dressing. Time to grow up and start using blue cheese.
This is a joke, right? Just some fun sarcasm? People aren't that stupid, they don't need this kind of guide.

::reads 11, 16::

Oh, yeah.... right. Keep up the good work informing the stupid!
#20 You really don't see how this poster could be mocking the ridiculousness of this boycott? (In case you weren't aware, many gay people do not support this boycott). But maybe you're too stupid to get that.
There are parallels here with the boycotts of France during the Iraq War. Eating freedom fries and drowning French poodles was just silly fun, but boycotts of French wine did catch some notice.

International sanctions hardly work so a low scale boycott certainly won't have any real effect, but it will get some press and that's the real point.
I just don't get why the A is upside-down.
21, this isn't a popularity contest. it makes no difference whether there are gay people who don't support it or not. there are enough that do, and that's why it's important.

the joke of the podter, as I understand it, is making fun of people who would want to participate in the boycott and not understanding how to go about it. Like stop reading War & Peace or protest a showing of The Battleship Potemkin. It would take some effort to read it as mocking the boycott itself.

Unless, of course, you've got a really huge axe to grind. *ahem*

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