Over on Reddit there's a plea for compassion from a Café Racer patron, calling on gun rights advocates to stop calling and emailing the establishment with angry threats over their participation in the Seattle's new voluntary "Gun Free Zone" program:

It's really hard to watch a man who was shot a year ago, who has another surgery in a few months after multiple surgeries that he doesn't have insurance for, be yelled at by someone who has never walked in that cafe but feels as though their rights are being taken away.

And Café Racer isn't alone. Frani Assaf from Washington Ceasefire says that of the initial list of program participants, "quite a few businesses" have reported receiving angry phone calls threatening boycotts (and no doubt implying worse). It's a classic NRA maneuver, focusing their fanatical nationwide base to instill fear in local businesses and politicians.

"It's disheartening," sighs Assaf.

It is also easily countered. Stop by the Gun Free Zone participants on this list, give them your business, and thank them for taking a courageous stand in defense of public safety. Don't let these out-of-city NRA assholes bully local businesses out the program, or discourage additional businesses from joining.