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Saul lost his faith & was losing his power & credibility. He was paranoid & filled with fear, he knew the people preferred David & he knew David was anointed by God. His fears & weakness are on full display when he lashes out at Jonathan. When we stop trusting God, we can become fearful & jealous which can lead to cruel & irrational behavior.
@1 When we FEAR, we can become jealous, cruel and irrational. Don't need a supernatural being to prevent being jealous, cruel and irrational. Right?
I'm an atheist and I'm not fearful or jealous. And "cruel and irrational" sounds a lot like people who call themselves Christian.
According to the footnote at the link you provided, the actual Hebrew is, "You son of a perverse and rebellious woman!"

Of course, personally, I rather like perverse and rebellious women.
I bet his father smelt of Elderberries too
I didn't realize Samuel posted on Slog.
Well, I'm a smart son of a whore so there!
Anybody besides me read Reza Aslan's Zealot? I cannot get over how the Jews (the nation) slaughtered the inhabitants of the region as they took it over (in BC). Just exterminated them, man woman, child. I know ancient times were tough, but at least if Rome took you over, you got off with having to pay taxes. (and, as Monty Python would point out, you got the aqueducts, a uniform system of laws, roads....).
As an insult, it's cruel and irrational and could easily get your ass whupped. Depersonalized, it's hilarious.…
@4, heh, my latin's a little rusty, but I translate it as "son of a woman who snatches men of her own accord".

I must be pretty bored this morning :P
In modern language, wouldn't that be "You dumb son-of-a-bitch"?
Goldy, you should make a compilation of all these absurd texts so people can appreciate the absurdity in a single location. Oh, right, someone already did that.
The best part of the story of David and Jonathan is in verses 41 and 42.
1 Carson 34

May the bluebird of Paradise fly up your nose!
@10: You're an boring, obvious troll, Dixon. And what's with the alias?
@10 you sound like one of those dumb as fuck racist teabag douchebag pinheads who is the product of man-pig sexual congress. Just sayin'.
@10, sorry, just looked at your profile. I guess you ARE a dumb as fuck racist douchebag pinhead product of man-pig sex. Just sayin'...
@15 Yep, Israel's greatest king was quite a queer.
@9, thank you.
mmmmmmmmm, delicious troll food!
@23 Shut up you stupid son of a whore.
You say "whore" like it's a bad thing.
I'm a N****R-lover, and a F****T-lover too. On the other hand, "your" an idiot.
@22: The two common threads of laptop racists are cowardice and boredom. Meaning I'd never hear you say nigger to my face because you'd never have the balls. And to post it on Slog like you said something brave and unvarnished is an exercise in futility so dull I've having trouble staying awake long enough to finish this sentence.
@8 Actually, there were hundred of tribes in Italy, Spain & France that the Romans completely exterminated. They weren't so over-the-top with their theistic justifications, however. They slaughtered for sport, social advancement and wealth.

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